GEN 2 93 Octane Tuning results +75 whp + 100 wtq over stock


Dec 16, 2019
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San Antonio,TX
We've been working with a local customer here in San Antonio, Texas to develop 93 calibrations for the 3.5 HO GEN2 (Jenny) Ford Raptor.

A little background note, we specialize in tuning on the Fiesta ST, Focus ST and have recently done lots of research and development on a local Raptor to get the best and safest tuning results possible.

I wanted to take the time to share some results.

We tuned the Raptor until we got the best results we could with out hitting the knock threshold for 93 octane. We then had the customer drive on the Stock Calibration until inferred octane learning was complete to ensure the ecu had fully learned load/spark limits. We then had the customer perform a datalog on a flat road in 5th gear. Around 30-45 minutes later the customer did another run on the same strip of road with our 93 octane calibration. The results show an increase in 75whp and 100 wtq which in my opinion is impressive. This seems like a platform with potential and I'm really enjoying tuning these trucks.

Red is 70-75 degree ambient temps

Blue/Green were done on the same day in 40-50 degree weather.

Only performance mod is an aftermarket intercooler


More information can be found here: