1. E

    New raptor with windshield noise (video attached)

    Hey, just picked up my new 2022 raptor with 35 package. At 80mph the windshield makes a whistle noise (video attached), surprisingly below 80mph it goes away. Has anyone had this issue before? Is it big of deal? I planning to stop by the dealer next week to check it out.
  2. REPTAR15

    Noise after revving engine and after letting off acceleration normal?

    I’ve heard this rattle for a few days now. Some days it’s a little louder, I don’t think it’s anything that would keep the truck from being operational, but it is annoying to say the least. It doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the waste gate? But perhaps it is? The video I captured in idle...
  3. ledftgen2

    Metallic creaking/raddle at while decelerating

    Hello, I have a 18 SCREW that when cruising between 30 and 40 mpg and slowing down (both breaking and letting gravity slow me down) makes a creaking or rattle noise. It does it whether im in 4A or 2H and it doesn’t sound like the IWE issue. It is hardly noticeable with the windows up, so it is...
  4. Viccern

    2014 Roush Raptor startup 'tapping' sound?

    All of a sudden (about a month ago), I started noticing a tapping sound when I startup my 2014 Roush Raptor. (144k miles).. from inside it sounded like something was loose in a cupholder or something so I ignored it but after a few trips, I quickly realized it was an engine noise. My problem...
  5. F

    Recaro seat nightmare - wish I had my money back!

    So 11k miles on my 2019 garage queen that has seen a couple long, high speed Utah trails... but generally helped me get to Starbucks in style. About 1000 miles ago I noticed a squeak under my seat pad every time the road is a bit bumpy, on turns, etc. So playing around with it, I realized the...
  6. RubyDaCherry

    Oh no... Rattle Noise

    Well, I will try to make this as short as possible. I’ve searched similar threads but figured I’d make my own and provide my own videos. Long story short, took my truck in a few weeks ago for warranty work (Esp 100K PremiumCare Warranty) 3 small leaks & drivers side seat heaters. Well while it...
  7. aircooledTOM

    Exhaust. Performance not noise, Help me make a sleeper.

    I hate drone, I'm not a fan of useless noise. However, I definitely want to do something with my truck's exhaust and downpipes. I am in search of a throatier, more purposeful tone, but I do not want unnecessary noise, and I definitely don't want any drone. I'm a form follows function kinda...
  8. James Min

    Diarrhea sound on raptor. after cold start Please watch

    Hi guys, I just got back from the dealership with my raptor because I went in for this nasty sound that I got upon cold start. They said it was the cam phasers so they replaced two of them but IDK what this sound is caused by so please help me identify so I can go back to the dealership and ask...
  9. DeaThomas

    4WD drive noise IWE actuators scraping noise

    My 2019 with less than 10000 miles is having that possible vacuum problem. The dealership is really trying to ************ get it. They said they couldn't duplicate and they only have one trans tech. I don't think they know what the hell they're doing. Is this something I should fight over? Is...
  10. O

    Noise coming from the wheel hub.

    Good day everyone. Wanted to discuss a problem with the F-150 Raptor 2017, 3500 engine. Hopefully someone can help or recommend something. So basically the problem is the noise coming from the front axle, specifically from the wheel hub. The noise sounds like scraping or scratching. When both...
  11. IndianaRaptor


    Really hoping someone on here has some insight into a problem I’ve been having.its a 2018 SuperCab with 23,000 miles. I’ll start with the only times it seems to do it is after a drive. So I can drive the truck running errands or whatever come home and it’ll sit for 10-30 mins and then when I go...
  12. Walker Mackinnon

    GEN 2 Weird Sputtering/Ticking noise at mild acceleration

    So I let my newly licensed younger brother drive my raptor the other day, and decided to take a video for our dad. During certain points of his small parking lot lap, i noticed this weird noise coming from the wheel wells/ engine bay. Has anyone had this problem and/or know what it is. I have...
  13. Raptorrunner2019

    Loud noise at 45mph???

    All, I have a loud noise that sounds like it may be tires starting at 45mph. Goes completely away when I let off the gas. It stays but seems lesser as you go faster. Is this tire noise, and is this normal? I have had this since day 1 and also changed rims and tires from Oem to Oem beadlock...
  14. B

    Does anything sound off ???

    I've been hearing these noises and I have no clue what they could be? I've gone to the dealer twice complaining about the noise and got the same answer both times of course. Dealerships are no help!!! I've got a 2018 801A lighting blue with 15,200 miles. The noise has been occuring since less...