1. Magnetic Ecobeast

    GEN 2 SDI Top hat/ Deaver +4 HD!!!

    Hey everyone! So finally I got around to doing the SDI top hat and deaver +4 HD’s on the truck, and I must say, Very impressed with this set up! Previously I had some trouble finding pictures of Gen 2’s with the Buckets on, so hopefully this helps other out that are curious. The buckets got...
  2. blemm13

    GEN 2 Questions about recently purchased used Gen 2

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a used 2018 Raptor with about 58k miles on it. I purchased it from a dealership and got a smoking deal on it, including a free lifetime powertrain warranty. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t able to speak with the previous owner about the mods he did to the...
  3. aircooledTOM

    37" tire guidance please!

    Good morning gentlemen, With my current tune, I've roasted my back tires a bit. I'm considering replacing them (and upgrading the fronts) with 37s. I plan on running the stock wheels with the Ford beadlock kit. I don't desire a ton of "lift" but I'd like to fit the tires and have no rub day...
  4. RaptorRnr

    GEN 2 Deavers +3 1-inch lift Something's not Right

    For those of you who have Deaver's I'm curious about your install. I read the back and forth on the forum about Deavers vs. Icons. I decided to go with Deavers to eliminate the hop, provide better off-road and to assist with reducing sag when towing on my 2020 SCREW. The shop I called, listed as...
  5. MFNG

    GEN 1 37’s: Fiberwerx alone get you there?

    Will the 2.5 Fiberwerx get you there alone on the Gen 1? Looking for more after taking it hard off-road for the first time. What’s the best way to get more without spending 30k right away? Looking to make this a Mid/Long travel project long term but looking for a little more for the next...
  6. Olsen Motorsports

    GEN 1 JRZ Supports Gen 1 Raptors!!

    Sup everyone!? We are proud to announce that our JRZ Lineup has proved more than well in the Gen 2 and now is available in the Gen 1 lineup! We are still working on getting some content for you but they are ready to order and are available for purchase! We are offering free expedited...
  7. Jace21583

    SOLD:Icon Attitude Adjustment Collars .5-2.25 adjustable

    Asking 225.00 for these, free shipping. Had these on my 18screw for about 8 months. Ended up going a diff route and no longer need them.