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  1. K

    Replace skid plate hardware?

    A few years back I broke and replaced a couple of the spring clip style nuts on the front skid plate (identified as HN2 below) on my 2018. Yesterday I broke one on my 2020, along with its equivalent that would mate up with bolt "HB1" on the rear of the front skid. I have the correct rivet nuts...
  2. TexasAggie94


    Labor Day Sale! Asking $750. Local pick up preferred but buyer can pay for shipping. (12lbs 20" x 10.5" x 4.5" box) This is for a brand new, unopened box set of RPG Offroad ’17-23 Raptor Billet Full Tie Rod Kit in anodized Fox Orange. From RPG: When we designed our steering tie rods, it wasn’t...
  3. Dbone

    New to me Gen 2

    Let me start off with the fact that I love this thing! I have been trying to find ways to get out of the house since the purchase. I got a used 2018 802A w/ sticker and carbon fiber package. 87k miles. Since purchasing it a month ago I have changed the washer pump (dead bought from dealer), oil...
  4. KingKoopa17

    Transmission temp question (Gen 2)

    Okay, so maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing or I'm being paranoid, BUT, this is driving me crazy. Over the past several months (I want to say about the time I had the front pinion seal leak addressed back in October/November) I've noticed that my transmission temp climbs to high 190s to...
  5. RADvelociRaptor

    Part out! NY Gen2 Cobb Power pkg, Volk TE37xt, ADD Pro bolt on

    Sold my 2018 Ruby Red tank and have some parts to sell fellas. Power parts were just put on about 1000 miles ago: Cobb Intake Kit Cobb Coolant Reservoir Cover Cobb Front Mount Intercooler Black AMS Turbo Inlet Pipes Cobb Accessport w/ TCM Turbosmart Vee E Blow Off Valve $2950 Package Deal...
  6. G

    2018 Ford Raptor. Lots of extras!

    2018 Ford Raptor for sale. Currently located in Naples, FL. 66XXX miles, $57,000 The truck has the 802a package, carbon fiber package, graphics package, moonroof, OEM beadlock wheels, etc… This truck has well over $10,000 in additional upgrades on it currently as it sits. (That is without...
  7. blemm13

    Issues with KC Light Bar

    Hey all, My Gen 2 has a KC Pro6 light bar attached to the top. I purchased the truck used and the lights were already attached, so I have not touched any of the wiring. Recently, I went to turn the lights on (Aux Switch 5). The lights briefly turned on, then seemed to die. I have attempted to...
  8. Raptor562


  9. HK92

    GEN 2 Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Hey everyone. I'm in the market for a Gen 2. I'm interested to see if anyone has a pre-purchase inspection list for things that I should check out before buying. FYI I bought a Gen 1 from a private seller in the past. I got a full PPI from a local Ford dealer, who gave me the green light. Turns...
  10. HK92

    Should I buy a Rust Belt Raptor?

    I've always been hesitant to buy a vehicle from any of the rust belt states. Should I ever consider buying a Raptor (specifically a Gen 2) from any of those snow states? I know that the Gen 2 has an aluminum body, but the parts underneath are still susceptible to rust and rotting. It's always...
  11. HK92

    GEN 2 Add Tailgate Appliqué

    Does anyone know if it's possible to add a tailgate appliqué to a Gen 2 with the appliqué deleted?
  12. HK92

    GEN 2 Gen 2 more problematic than Gen 1?

    I have a Gen 1, but I'm currently looking to sell it ( I'm thinking about buying a Gen 2 after getting rid of my current one. However, (maybe I'm going crazy but) from browsing FRF I've noticed that Gen...
  13. HK92

    GEN 2 SC Gen 1 vs. Stock Gen 2

    Has anyone found any videos of a SC Gen 1 racing a stock Gen 2? I think I saw one a while ago at Silver Lake but that was pretty unfair since the race was on sand.
  14. HK92

    GEN 2 Gen 2 vs. Gen 1 MPG

    For those of you who switched over to a Gen 2 from a Gen 1, did you notice any improvements in MPG? I know Ford lists Gen 1 as 11-14 and Gen 2 as 15-18, but those numbers seem a bit off from what I've gathered.
  15. NachoRaptors

    GEN 2 Great Audio Install

    Just a quick shout out to Rudy’s Audio Sound in Kalispell, MT. Mike did the cleanest install I have ever seen. Helix amp and subs with Blam speakers. At first the cost seem excessive if not on the extreme side of the spectrum. Sometimes you got to say what the f*** and go with it. I am glad I...

    RSI Smartcap EVO Adventure - In Stock and Ready to Go! 2015-2020 Raptor

    We just got some of the brand new RSI Smartcap Evo Adventure caps in stock and we're super psyched to share it! These just came out for the Gen2 Raptor and will be hard to get so snatch these up now while you can. The photos we have show the cap with the camp kitchen. That is an additional item...
  17. N

    Gen 2 frame welding

    I've been looking at getting rock sliders custom made and welded to the frame, but I saw some comments about specific welding requirements for the high strength frames but was unable to find exactly what those were. My fabricator is a very experienced welder, but I wanted to see if there was...
  18. rtmozingo

    5 year-old daughter's first time off-roading

    Since taking my son out to TRR earlier this year, both my son and my daughter have been constantly asking me to take them offroading. I had been concerned with both of them being too young, but my son had handled TRR well, so I finally relented and took them out to Texplex this last Saturday. As...
  19. briguyraptor

    Reasonible Gen 2 Raptor Lead Foot for Sale

    Found this locally, I have a gen 3 on order, but thought I would post for anyone looking for a nice clean Gen2, I know the previous owner and he took great care of this truck and it's priced really well 6-7k less then other dealerships I have seen. If you want to make negative comments, A-OK...
  20. DSC Sport

    DSC Sport Plug-N-Play Active Suspension Controller - Fox Live Valve

    Transform the handling of your Ford Raptor with the DSC Sport controller! The DSC Sport controller is a Plug-N-Play active suspension controller that replaces the OEM suspension module and comes fully pre-programmed ready to use. If you're looking to quickly and easily increase the on and off...
  21. MDD

    Gen 2 overheating(?)

    Hi everyone, Strange observation today on a road trip from SC to FL. I noticed that on small hills in SC or even bridges going up an incline that the numerical temp would indicate as I went up the incline. I doesn’t Indicate with the numbers at all normally. Typically the temp number would pop...
  22. Coyote Raptor

    2019 Bead Lock Question

    I just picked up my first Raptor last week. Needless to say, I am full force into researching upgrades and modifications. The truck has the 2019-2020 bead lock capable wheels. I originally thought that I would replace the "beauty rings" with something that looks more like a real bead lock ring...
  23. SKB

    Injector Control Circuit Codes

    Long time listener, first time caller. I just bought a used 2020 2 weeks ago that has 18k miles on the clock. I checked all the recalls, as many fluids as I could access, and the OBD2 for any pending codes. Drove it for just over a week and I started getting an intermittent rough idle. It...
  24. rtmozingo

    Son's first time offroading (Texas Raptor Run 2021)

    Took my son out to TRR this year; it was his first time offroading in my truck. For our first lap, I had one gopro watching the track and one watching his reactions. I stitched them together and am pretty pleased with the result, and thought I'd share. Note I was going somewhat slow as (for...
  25. S

    GEN 2 New Mickey Thompson Baja Boss ATs?

    New to the forums and greatly appreciate all of the knowledge I've spent hours scanning through to date :D. Almost time to replace my stock K02 tires on my 2018 Raptor (28,000 miles). I was looking at the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3s, then noticed that they may have recently released a new AT -...