cam phaser

  1. TheRaptorIsCritical

    GEN 2 CAM Phasers (I Know)

    ALCON, Aloha,Looking for a recommendation and possibly some more data. Solve searches the threads and the web. My Gen2 2020 was manufactured in October of 2019….applicable to TSB 22-2200. I only got around to reading the TSB that was in my mail recently because I was deployed for a while but I...
  2. lead18

    Engine rattle.

    I’ve been chasing a rattle for a few weeks now and I can’t seem to find where it’s coming from. It only happens when the engine is cold and the rattle increases with RPMs(typically lower RPM range. I’ve had the cams replaced with the new design back in may. Took the truck to Ford they had it for...
  3. Viccern

    2014 Roush Raptor startup 'tapping' sound?

    All of a sudden (about a month ago), I started noticing a tapping sound when I startup my 2014 Roush Raptor. (144k miles).. from inside it sounded like something was loose in a cupholder or something so I ignored it but after a few trips, I quickly realized it was an engine noise. My problem...
  4. goblues38

    3 years, 11 months, and 46,132 miles I finally get Cam Phaser problem

    I had the software update in December 2021 per the Ford requirement. My truck never had the Cam Phaser issue until a month or so ago. I had it happen once. then 2-3 weeks later it started to do it on every cold start up. now, it is doing very hard starts in the morning with the noise. Yay me.
  5. G

    Cam phasers in your garage

    Everyone seems to be talking about cam phasers these days. You’ve either already had them done, or you may be on a wait list to get into your local dealer. Since there is so much hype on the subject, I thought it might be a good idea to show more of what happens during this service. Maybe you...
  6. R

    GEN 2 Cam Phaser just fixed Now This loud noise - starter?

    So after 13 days at the dealer... the Cam Phaser was finally replaced. On the way home I decided to run some errands. When I started the truck up ... cam phase noise gone ... new screeching sound (see attached Video) that presents after 5 (ish) seconds. I took it back to the dealer and they...
  7. F


    I just taken my 2019 with 42000 miles Ford told me it a there a recall on this is that true
  8. James Min

    Diarrhea sound on raptor. after cold start Please watch

    Hi guys, I just got back from the dealership with my raptor because I went in for this nasty sound that I got upon cold start. They said it was the cam phasers so they replaced two of them but IDK what this sound is caused by so please help me identify so I can go back to the dealership and ask...
  9. Quaesta

    Well it finally happened!

    I just dropped off my 2018 with 20,612 miles at the dealership to have the cam phasers replaced. I was not having any performance issues or any codes. I was only getting the dreaded rattle on cold start. Wish me luck...
  10. Sonicsunspot

    Gen2 Engine Clicking Noise

    My Raptor is a 2018 802a, early build date (Nov 2017), approximately 42K miles, replaced cam phasers in March 2020. No tunes, all stock. I rarely get on the gas in this truck, drive it pretty easy. About July 2020 , approximately 10-20 seconds after start-up, a clicking noise starts. I...