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    Truck is back

    Well... this was different.
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    OEM part failed…I’m putting in an aftermarket

    Oh, and one more thing, don't watch the U Tube videos of a total knee replacement.
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    OEM part failed…I’m putting in an aftermarket

    I got both of mine done. I had trouble getting in and out of my truck, waited way too long. Couldn't hardly hold my Road Glide up. Do all the therapy. I go to the Y as much as I can, been really good for me. All of those bourbons mentioned are excellent, but I'm Using Old Forester 86, not bad at...
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    I'm so glad Ford is cracking down on crazy ADM's!

    If it's not ICE you won't get the shaft, they ain't got one.
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    GEN 2 POLL: SPD Trombone - do you drone?

    With the Borla touring exhaust from Ford there is a little increase in the sound at 80 mph. The wife hasn't complained and I don't find it to be objectional. We haven't taken any long trips yet, so I'll report back after we drive it to Silver Lake ORV park. It's about a 900 mile round trip. The...
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    SPD trombone install question

    Used the stock long pipe clamps. Had to trim one of the Borla pipes. Installed easy after that. Very nice sound at WOT.
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    Pismo Beach August 2022

    We just clip ours to the front tow hook with a foam tube to protect the paint. Complete rig cost about $45 at Dune Land next to Silver Lake ORV park.
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    July 18 Reveal.

    Ford authority website this morning listed stronger rear suspension parts and rear differential, etc. I guess it's still wait and see.
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    Newbie here... Are there ANY dealers selling at MSRP?

    Marshall Ford in Carrollton KY will sell at msrp. When they can get one is a good question.
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    Came in today!

    Good looking truck!!
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    Hey fellas

    Good looking truck !
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    Code Orange Love

    Great story. It's like you won the Raptor lottery.
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    Are other car manufacturers having part issues and production delays?

    Seven weeks from order to completion for our 2022 C8. 3LT, Z51, carbon fiber trim, electronic locking diff, etc. Nothing was constrained. We are waiting months to get trans controllers for our customer cars, clutches on national back-order, torque converters taking weeks instead of days. The...