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  • I am a new member. Can we change my username? Or just delete the account. How does one post? I can reply no problem.
    I was trying to upload a post and all of my pics went to the media page. Can I remove them?
    Hey Birdman, was hoping you can delete this account for me. Created a duplicate by mistake. Thanks!
    I think I also sent a note to Shaggy... I am trying to change my username. I just joined as I just bought a raptor this week, but don't want my username to be my first and last name... can you help me out? Since I haven't posted anything yet, I guess we could just delete my profile and I could start again? or is there a different process?
    Is there any chance of you making an exception for possibly the oldest member of your forum that will be driving around town in a brand new ruby red raptor with all the trimmings? Thanks and I will patiently await your reply. Roy
    I am going to take off the original running boards as soon as it arrives and would really like to offer them for sale but I only have 23 posts so far and it will take me quite awhile to get to 50 because I don't post anything that's not worthwhile.
    Dear Birdman, I am new to this forum because I will have my new Raptor delivered in a few weeks. I just purchased a new set of electric running boards for it from AMP research after getting the advice of one of the other members on a forum I was reading. I will soon be 70 years young and got the new running boards to further help me get in and out of the truck a little easier.
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