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Jul 11, 2017
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Hello, I have a 2017 Ford Raptor for sale with the 802a package. It has 39,271 miles on it.

Oil Changes every 3000-3500 miles with Ford Oil Filter and Ronin Drain Plug

-ADD Bomber Front Bumper and Lights installed November 2022

- Bumper $2300

- ACC relocation bracket $130

-Three Baja Designs LP6 Pro Driving/Combo $1300

-Two LP6 Pro Harness 2 Light Max $180

-Pair of Squadron Sport Cubes $235

-Harness for Squadrons $44

-Deaver +3 Springs $1600

-Factory Race Series 3.0 Live Valve Front Shocks $3500

-Factory Race Series 3.0 Live Valve Rear Shocks $3100

-SDI EClik system $2100

-ADD HoneyBadger Rear Bumper installed October 2022 - $1200

-D Rings on bumpers came from Amazon pre color matched.

Bumper was a store display and had orange inserts so they were professionally color matched to the truck. Once the front bumper came in I decided to have the inserts color matched and covered in PPF. All lights including headlights have PPF as well. Hood, Fenders, Windshield Pillars, and bottoms of doors have PPF as well to prevent rock chips.

Engine has Cobb intercooler, Roush intake, SPD Turbo adapters, SPD downpipes, SPD Trombone, Factory Muffler and AWE tailpipes. Also comes with Cobb AP with Goosetune PCM and TCM.

Interior has newer Raptor steering wheel with Raptor at the bottom. Sync Upgraded to 3.4 via Cyanlabs. Also has a sound system courtesy of MTI with new tweeters, door speakers, and two 12s under the rear seat, factory storage cubby retained. Amps for speakers and subs behind rear seat.

In the bed is an air compressor, air tank and spare tire covered by a Ford hard folding bed cover that has hail damage. Truck has never had hail damage; I just snagged the cover for free. Under the truck where the spare was is a set of full sized semi-truck air horns. I’ve also swapped out the factory taillights with BLIS for 2018 f150 taillights with BLIS. This truck will also come with most of, if not all of, the factory removed parts. Truck is in near mint condition, few small scratches and rock chips here and there. Truck still has the original windshield. Front windows were tinted to match the rears. I also bought an RMB oil pan that I never got around to installing that will come with the truck. New battery installed early July 2023. I am sure I am missing something but feel free to reach out with any questions.

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