Toms 22 Stereo build

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Feb 9, 2023
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Boston MA
OP looks great. Have any photos the sub setup?

How are you liking now that you’ve had it for a while?
I will take a few pics of the JL stealthbox I used but here is some stock footage to show it in the F150. Depending on how you use your truck losing the storage under the back seat may not work for you. The box itself is on a quick connect and a few bolts and can be removed in 5 minutes.

As for the system itself, it's exactly what I wanted, clear, crisp, tight base and doors are "dead" with no rattles. The Focal K2 series are very bright and rock, jazz, and instrumental music sounds great. The DSP makes the system very flexible and checks around with a good local shop and they can provide a pro tune for a few hundred bucks if needed. I do not have it turned all the way up in the DSP but with windows up, sunroof open you get plenty of sounds and accompanying bass. If I were to do it over I might opt for the 3-way A pillar K2's...The Stealthbox provides plenty of bass for me and truck pounds, especially on rap but maybe I would consider the Stealthbox with 2 subs next go around.

I am happy though with the upgrade, I love my music loud and the upgrade makes the truck more enjoyable.

I would recommend the setup I landed on and am happy to meet up with anyone local if they would like to hear it.
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