The 2015 SnoBall presented by ICON Vehicle Dynamics

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Mar 24, 2012
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Great Lakes Region

January 16-19, 2015

Limited to the first 60 Registered Raptors

The 2015 SnoBall is a must do winter Raptor Run/driving experience. Some of the greatest memories and stories of Raptor adventures have been created during the past SnoBall’s. At the 2015 Snoball you and your Raptor will encounter everything that Mother Nature and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can throw at it. There will be areas of two track roads, logging trails, forest service roads and country roads. These roads will have varying degrees of snowfall on them, from significant snow fall to minimal/scraped country roads. From the moment you put the SnoBall official placard on your truck you are in for one of the most unique and exciting weekends ever. This is not a race we will stay together as a pack and work as a team to insure everyone makes it to each destination.

Great Lakes Raptor Excursions has chosen some of the most capable and experienced drivers as your group lead and chase trucks. You and your Ford Raptor will explore over 600 miles of the picturesque Upper Peninsula of Michigan within your group of 15 other Raptors. Lead and Chase trucks are outfitted with first aid kits, extraction equipment, VHF radio communications, GPS navigation and trail knowledge to get everyone to the final destination safely.

But the driving isn’t the only appeal to this run. We will also be staying in a few of the nicest Hotel/Casinos in the Upper Peninsula. There will be plenty of time to unwind in whatever fashion you desire, whether it is hanging out at the sports bar, gambling or getting a massage.

Please visit the The SnoBall Facebook page:

Don’t need to read the details, go directly to NOW to Register!!


Friday Night (1/16/2015)

There will be a mandatory SnoBall kick off and registration from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Eagles room at the Island Resort and Casino.

1900-2100 EST: SnoBall kick off meeting and registration at Island Resort and Casino Registration in Eagles Room

Hotel: (Also 1/19/2015)
Island Resort and Casino
W399 U.S. 2
Harris, MI 49845
(800) 682-6040
$99.99 + Tax [Code: Ford Raptor Group]

Saturday (1/17/2015)

This is the day everyone has been waiting for!!!! At 8:30am there will be a drivers meeting just to go over some basics and so that everyone is on the same page. At 9:00am we head out towards Watersmeet, MI. On the way will encounter snow covered roads and significant snow drifts and some of the most beautiful scenery in Michigan.

We will stop for lunch on the way as we continue our journey towards Watersmeet. Once at the Lac Vieux Desert Casino there will be a few dinning and bar options.

0830 EST – Drivers Meeting
0900 EST – Depart the Island Resort and Casino
2000 EST – Arrive at Lac Vieux Desert Casino

Lac Vieux Desert Casino
US 45
Watersmeet, MI 49969
$ ??? + tax [Code: 00290 or "Ford Raptor Group"]
LVD Casino allows pets in some smoking rooms.

Sunday (1/18/2015)

Sunday we will have a drivers meeting 8:30am just to go over the differences between Sunday and Saturdays terrain. The group will leave from the Lac Vieux Desert at 0900 EST and head towards Marquette.

There are multiple restaurant and Bar options in Marquette, Blackrocks and The Ore Dock Brewing Company are local favorites.

0830 EST: Drivers Meeting
0900 EST: Head towards Marquette
1830 EST: Arrive at Ramada Inn

Ramada Inn Marquette
412 W Washington Street
Business US41/M28
Marquette, MI 49855
$94 + Tax [Code: Ford Raptor Group]
$25 dollar fee for Pets

Monday (1/19/2015)

At 830am there will be a drivers meeting before heading off at 9am towards the Up North Lodge. We will be stopping at the Up North Lodge for lunch as we did in 2013 and 2014.

After lunch we will start our journey towards the Island Resort and Casino.

The Banquet will be Monday Night at 7pm in the Island Resort and Casino’s banquet room, there will be a Cash Bar open at the banquet.

0830 EST: Driver Meeting
0900 EST: Head towards UP North Lodge
1700 EST: Arrive at Island Resort and Casino
1900 EST: Banquet at Island Resort and Casino

Hotel: (Also 1/16/2015)
Island Resort and Casino
W399 U.S. 2
Harris, MI 49845
(800) 682-6040
$99.99 + Tax [Code: Ford Raptor Group]

Tuesday (1/20/15)
Depart for Home: Safe Travels

Price for event​

$350 per Truck/Driver – Includes 1 SnoBall sweatshirt, The SnoBall Placards, driver’s bag and entrance into closing event.

$100 per Co-Driver/Passenger – Includes 1 the SnoBall sweatshirt, entrance into closing event.

REGISTRATION Opens at 7pm 10/20/2014 at

The SnoBall Rules​

100% Sober Driving. Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated on trails or any time you are driving. Remember these are state/public roads. If caught you will be asked to leave.
Illegal drug use will not be tolerated. Same as alcohol consumption
Do not tailgate
No littering
Know the limitations of your driving ability and your Raptor for the conditions.
No whiners!
Everyone in your vehicle must have a filled out waiver. NO Exceptions! You will not be allowed to participate without everyone having a completed waiver.
All times are Eastern Standard Time

Must have items for The 2015 SnoBall​

First and foremost every truck, Driver and Co-Pilot must be ready for the Ultimate cold weather Raptor Run ever planned. A positive attitude goes a long way. We will stay as a group though out this event and arrive at each destination as a pack, this is NOT a race. Being as it is winter there maybe changes along the way depending on snow level for better and worse. Snow is the key to this trip, while it will be fun with minimal snow, blizzard type conditions make it unbelievable. Please keep an open mind and be prepared to be a part of the best cold weather Raptor Run ever planned.

Every truck must have these items at a minimum before participating in the SnoBall 500

VHF radio Or a MUR’s Radio (Marine VHF radios will not work)
Radio Frequencies (Please make sure that your radio is programmed for these frequencies)

151.820 MHz GLRE001
151.880 MHz GLRE002
151.940 MHz GLRE003
152.000 MHz TRR1
152.750 MHz TRR2

Working 4wd and all maintenance up to date with no major issues
Rear facing amber lights. KC Cyclones or Whelen Vertex are the popular choices
Decent tires: We’re not going to go around and checking everyone’s tires but if you have very little remaining tread do us a favor and get them replaced before the event.
Spare tire/Tires secured and located in the bed of the truck. Contact [email protected] for mounting solutions
2 bags of sand or cat litter
One shovel
1 Quart of ATF Fluid
Tow strap at least 20’ and rated to pull the truck
Winter boots: Lacrosse, Muck, Sorels, etc. You may have to get out into very deep snow.
Winter clothing: Just like above it is more than likely going to be cold and you will have to get out of your vehicle.
Ice Scraper/Snow brush & -30 degree windshield washer fluid

Recommended Additional Items

You do not need a Co-pilot but it is recommended to help with communication traffic and navigating the trails/roads. Plus it’s more fun with someone in the truck with you.
Snatch and tow straps
Navigation: Lowrance, Garmin, Android tablet with an off-road map app.
5 gallons extra gas
A Come along
Floor jack and some wood blocks to help support it in the snow
Auxiliary lighting: While it can’t be used on road it would be a great benefit on the Truck trails, Forrest Service roads.
First Aid Kit

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