SwarfWorks Elite Light Mount for 2017-2020 Ford F-150 Raptor

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Supporting Vendor
Jul 18, 2017
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Want the best way to mount those awesome Baja Designs LP lights? Look no further. Made of heavy duty (.120") laser-cut D.O.M. steel tubing and sheet metal (also .120"), as well as massive .25" steel brackets. Then we e-coat the whole mount to protect it from rusting from the inside-out. Then it is powder-coated metallic gray that matches the factory Raptor bumpers and fender flares. They also receive a second coat of powder, this one being a matte clear coat to even better match the OEM paint.

You can run up to (4) LP9's + (2) LP4's (or XL80's). Another combination would be dual LP9's + dual LP6's + dual LP4's. (6) LP9's or (6) LP6's won't fit however.

On the 802A Raptors, we make an optional camera relocation kit that moves your factory 360 camera forward so you can maintain the full functionality of that awesome system.

The base kit includes: light mount, stainless-steel turnbuckles and all stainless-steel hardware needed. Lights are obviously optional.

We have two different harness options available for you to choose from.

Baja Designs LP Series Lockout Harness
This harness was designed with intention of being used in conjunction with power modules such as sPOD, Switch-Pros and factory upfitter systems. This harness will ensure that you don’t run power to both the high and low circuits at the same time when wiring your LP series lights. If you’re looking to take the guess work out of wiring your LP series lights this is the harness for you. Each harness will control two lights so we provide two of these harnesses in this kit. Since the power is pulled from the battery direct (via a relay system) you can utilize any upfitter to trigger the lights on/off. You can put each pair of lights on it's own switch (utilizing 2 switches total) or you can twist the two control wires together to control all 4 lights from 1 switch. This harness features 2 different control wires (1 for low and 1 for high) although you are not required to connect the low beam mode trigger wire (as the high beam will illuminate all of the diodes on the light). Another control wire will control the amber back-lighting feature.

CrystaLux Pigtail Harness
If you plan to control all 4 lights from 1 upfitter and want a simple wiring option this is the setup for you. Each light will be daisy chained to the next one and connected to a single power relay harness. This will allow you to turn all 4 lights on and off from 1 upfitter switch. A 2nd control wire is provided to turn the amber back-light on/off as well. Please Note: With this setup you will lose the ability to control the low beam mode on the LP6 and LP9 as our harness only provides high beam power.

Available Here: https://www.4x4truckleds.com/swarfworks-elite-light-mount-for-2017-2020-ford-f-150-raptor/