SR-M Light Covers & SR-M (SRM) OEM Light Upgrades in stock and available for ALL 2021-2024 Raptor OEM Bumpers (including Modular)

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Supporting Vendor
Jul 15, 2017
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So we've had this huge rush all the sudden on the Amber Pro and Yellow SR-M covers. So I assume that Rigid must have run out of them and thus most of the other resellers.

So this is a 2 part post. The first part is for the covers. We have several still in stock but they are going quickly. We do have more on the way, but Rigid says the replenish is coming in 4-6 weeks. So I am assuming DIRECT from Rigid, that's the same time frame.

We have them here... for now, and more coming at that time.

Then we also have our Rigid SR-M Upgrade kits in stock. You can choose to upgrade ONE Pair or BOTH for the exact same OEM Look to your OEM Fog housing but with much more power. The Covers will fit exactly the same as well on either the ones FORD put in the truck, or the replacements.

I want to be sure you understand. While the Modular bumper has different plastic surrounding the SR-M provided lights. The lights themselves and their mounting points are the SAME in the standard 2021-2024 Raptor, the Bronco Raptor and the new 2024 Raptor Modular bumper. So our BRACKETS that mount to those housings work the same.

Hopefully this helps!

Here is a video!