New owner of a 2010 SCAB fist month of build.

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Jul 31, 2020
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Willow Springs, CA
Looking for a cheapish cash project truck I saw a few for sale here in CA. I also saw one out in Utah. The one in Utah didn't look like Ken Block wailed on it but a lot of the CA ones did.

So I paid the local ford shop to look it over before I flew out to the independent car lot. Then I took an uber to LAX had a homie who left aerospace in the AV for Ogden pick me up at SLC.

I after a beer and food with my old buddy I drove it back to CA and the cheap light bar on the stock bumper flew off somewhere around SLC.

It ran pretty good and cool all the way. Seeing arcing of wires and coils at night I ordered all eight new OEM coils, 16 OEM plugs, and MSD wires at the hotel I crashed at in the corner of Utah.

I had already won ebay auctions on two sets of 2017-18 beadliock wheels in CA and eight of the real full beans bead lock kits all used. Also Camburg UCA's off a guys lemon 2G return to stock situation.

I made one round trip from one end of LA to Moreno picking up the two sets of wheels, camburg arms, a RPG Tommy gun front bumper and a used ARE topper the exact black color in one round trip.

I had already ordered six 315's from wally world online Maxxis Razr... I've seen crawler and desert crowd wail on these.. They work and have 40k mile warranty..

The tire lube, TPMS sensors and fifth wheel wiring harness arrived. So I mounted up and properly tq'd down the bead locks.

The trucks previous owner just plugged the tail gate LED strip into the tow plug but ran a UNFUSED wire from bat+ terminal of the bat to the bar and half assed the backup splice under the tail light. Sh*t was zip tied to the pass side OEM rear shock top..

The headlights were pitted so I ordered the really bomb Morimito LED replacements, the spyeder tails look cool so I got those and the stock 3'd brake was dead so I ordered a recon. Too easy.

I put in the fifth wheel plug kit to have a really good plug for the ARE shell's electronics and to hardwire the LED strip into. The typical relay and fuse had to be added to the box upfront to get power to the tow plug "charge" terminal.

The shell will be dropped on and off so I can leave my spares and jacks in place in town and for a shell top tent on less hardcore wheel more camping runs.

So I chopped the frame horns, put on the T-gun front bumper, found legit Hella Rallye 4000 HID euro beam lights on craigs list. So I picked those up on the way back from picking up a SVC rear bumper from them.

I put on the bumper and then I found two more Hella 4000 HID Rallye's in pencil beam used, haven't put that set on yet. Based on the first two it's OG all metal daylight on a bumper man.

After dovetailing the bed I put on a MBRP turn down cat back. I sold the take off bro-lock booty rings on ebay already and the stock tails. A guy on the big Island wants the OEM bumpers even at freight costs. All five stock wheels are already sold on craigs.

I found used deaver +3 springs and a bypass rack used at a nice price so I'll be making a run for that and to deaver for a Ubolt kit soon. With a SCAB not a crew and not whooping it with the topper on it... +3's should be fine..

Basically everything used except for the big $ that's coming on the front 3.0 and rear 3.5" piggy's..

When I move to TX and sell my real estate in comieforniastan I'll be going bigger up front with CA sourced suspension travel with a motor my retired aerospace mech/inspector ass built within Texas rules. I've built some sick road race motorcycle, drag car and boat motors before.. Buckle up fools.

Day one back in CA with it August 8th


"Re-tired" actually got here before I flew out to drive it back.



Tommy gun and Camburg UCA unloaded


ARE Cap.



MN born and soon to be CA fled. So my sticker.

The 2010-11 graphics were a snore. Pealed off so easy in desert sun.


My QA department at home are Rhodesian and hail from South Africa because I'm equal opportunity.


Bright lites

Building up wheels.


New plugs


MSD's nuts.




I swear the bead lock mounting is the first thing I ever had to buy an 8 pound bucket of natural lube fto do without hurting myself.


First one. Dry erase marker numbering bolts per the ford tech on the real bead lock kit makes it fast. Well fast for 3 step tq star pattern.

Homebrew six pack. Balanced better than most MT's I had on normal wheels when I took em in.


Starting to look bitch'n


Drop it like it's hot.


He sais dude it's the bomb.


About to get hung after the cuts.




Brazillian Butt lift completed.


Yeah I did good.


First pair of Rallye's... I rounded the corners and deburred on the bumper trim piece since this...


The first Raptor I've done up that I get to fly.


So in CA it's finish the suspension, then after I'm in the lonestar state take the other engine on the stand and whip it real good like devo at the same time I proably go long travel up front.


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Sep 15, 2019
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Welcome and congrats. You took an oldie and certainly turned it into a goodie. Too bad you can’t put wings on this one or make it invisible to traffic radar lol

Looking good and sounds like a fun project. Enjoy it.


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Jul 31, 2020
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Willow Springs, CA

It's not 120F today... Still smoked up in my valley like a Cheech and Chong family reunion from the fires. Spray in bed liner, a refresh on the deaver+3s and then install them and the rack.