New Baja S2 & Squadron SAE Kits AND BEYOND!!! (Baja Branded kits as well as SPV Kits Now Available)

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Jul 15, 2017
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As many of you know. Baja Designs just released their new SAE Squadrons a few months ago... And now they released their S2 SAE line.

I don't want to sound like a broken record here as every vendor and their brother is posting about these lights on here.... So don't worry, this isn't the same post.

We of course have all the Baja S2 and Squadron SAE lights... and the Baja branded kits... BUT.... we always fill in the gaps.

That's why our customers are SO LOYAL. We give you the same great lights, but with MORE Choice....

So.... We now just added the S2 SAE lights to our OEM kit and the new SAE Squadrons of course with our triple fog kits.

Lets talk about your options here-

With the SPV OEM Replacement kit you will get our T-Brackets, which we feel are EXTREMELY durable for on and offroad use.

I will explain. There are 3 posts on the OEM fog housings. Each post has a small hole for 2 TINY screws into the plastic housing. Where the standard kit uses 2 of the posts (left/right) we developed a T bracket that mounts to all 3 posts. This adds stability not just left and right, but up and down. 3 points of axis is extremely durable. Now, don't take that the wrong way. The standard Baja kit is fine. We just always make our stuff to the EXTREME. To withstand the most.

The next thing you get are the OEM fog adapters. You will get a version of these with either kit.

Next, the black out covers. You will get the 4 blackout covers with the Baja Branded kit, but not with the SPV kit. However, you can add them. That's your choice.

Last, the other big advantage with the SPV OEM Upgrade kit is CHOICE. Instead of 2 Amber or 2 Clear SAE's with the Baja Branded kit. We give you the flexibility to CHOOSE.
So you can choose ONE SAE in clear or Amber along with ANY S2 Sport or Pro pattern with clear or amber lenses OR one Clear and one AMBER SAE.
So the possibilities are really endless.

Here is a link to the SPV Choose your own combination kit- (We are updating photos)

If you want the Baja Branded kit with the black covers, you can get it here-

Then if you want the triple fog kits with the New Squadron SAE from SPV, you can choose it here- (Keep in mind with the SPV kit, you get 3 full size Squadrons.)

We also have the S2 Pro and Sport kits without the SAE lights- (More choice)

Or the Baja Branded S2 Kit-

And of course you can get the S2 or Squadron SAE lights individually-

If you have any questions, or want a configuration we missed... Shoot us an email or text!