Low beams not functioning

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Lighting Modifications Forum [GEN 1]' started by onnex, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Oct 19, 2017
    So I ordered some retrofit headlights for my 2012 F150, which I installed on my own and they worked fine except for the LED strip I didn't trust myself to install. I waited on the lights to start a road tip, and when i got to a spot where I found what looked like a decent shop, I thought I would just have it done since it should be quick. While they went about it in a dumb way since they weren't aware that headlights could come out (???), they did a legit job getting the LEDs to work. Unfortunately, now the low beam headlights dont work. The headlights and the LEDs are entirely different power sources, so its hard to understand how one effected the other. We checked all relevant fuses, and everything seemed fine. I could get the low beams to randomly work, but were prone to just go out while driving... and then I'd be unable to immediately get them to work. It was basically entirely random when they would choose to work.

    Before headlight install :
    • Low beams work
    • High beams work
    • LEDs not connected
    • Turn signals work, but random hyperblink on the right side (no resistor installed for LED taillights, but the recons shouldnt need them as far as I understand)

    • Parking lights work
    • LEDs work
    • Low beams dont work
    • High beams work (and when going from low to high, the low beams show for a split second and then turn off)
    • Right turn signal goes off sometimes when turning on/off high beams
    • Right turn signal still hyperblinks occasionally

    I had a mobile repair guy come out and run diagnostics (attached) Seems like some control module since all fuses check out. BCM?

    Any help is greatly appreciated– this has put the road trip on hold as a lot of driving is planned to happen at night.

    ** NO clue why the attachment is being shown upside-down, its right side up on my computer...

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    Jul 18, 2017
    Are you running LED or HID headlights? If so the first thing I'd do is try adding a set of CANBUS Anti-Flicker adapters in there... if you're not running HID/LED headlights well then I'm not quite sure where to even begin

    CANbus Anti-Flicker Resistor - 4x4TruckLEDs.com

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