GEN 1 Clearance Lights blinking w/ turn signals? LEDs

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Mar 24, 2023
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Here's (maybe) a new one for y'all; I practically reached the end of the internet and didn't find anything like the issue I have now.

I just installed the following (brand for all lights is GTR):
1. Front turn LEDS
2. Front corner marker LEDs
3. 2x Rear brake/turn LEDs (all four lights in the back)
4. LED reverse lights

All the lights work, and I have disabled bulb outage in ForScan. I have no hyper flash issues. That said, all lights that blink came with in-line resistors (stock housing-->resistor-->bulb), so I threw them on as well.

I now see an interesting problem. When the headlight switch is in the OFF (or AUTO during the day) position, and I activate a turn signal OR the hazards, my clearance lights (front and rear), and license plate lights blink with the signals, at the same rate. They all blink together (never oppose each other). Additionally, when I activate a turn signal under the above circumstances, the opposite brake light illuminates slightly as well.

When I have the parking lights on or the headlights manually selected on, this does not happen.

I have not spliced or messed with any of the stock wiring whatsoever. Could the inline resistors be the cause of this? I know my way around a truck mechanically, but electrical is not my strong point. Would love to hear from anyone who's encountered this problem.

Thanks all!

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Jul 8, 2012
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here, on frf
sounds like a ground issue for the dimming. could be the culprit for everything since the flashing requires a momentary gound. on off on off etc