Gen 1 Raptor Options - Pls help

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Dec 10, 2022
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Arlington, VA
I am looking at a few options on Gen 1 Raptors and would love some help and any questions to think about. FYI this is my first Raptor purchase

Option A - $28,500
2014 Raptor (white), 86k miles, fully loaded. No rust on vehicle and single owner. Owner is not very responsive and a tad bit vague on some details but carfax is clean. Private party

Option B - $27,500
2013 Raptor (white), 125k miles, fully loaded (801A package), two owners. Fully serviced -Oil change -Brakes and rotors in the past 5k miles -New BF Goodrich AT tires in the past 5k miles -Undercoated with woolwax No leaks or issues, shocks are in good condition and not leaking. Always been serviced and upkept. Just had it checked over at the Ford dealer as well and came back with perfect bill of health. Private party

Option C - $26,880
2012 Raptor (black), 119k miles, fully loaded, 4 owners and lived in VA all it's life. Fully serviced, tires/brakes 60% life left. No rust on vehicle. Dealer sale.

Option A stands out obviously with the lower miles but Option B has been pampered and thats a draw for me (but at the expense of more miles). I also am not to familiar with good/bad differences between the '13 and '14. I will be driving the car 8-10k miles a year

Thanks for the help & advice!
If Option A is non-responsive they may be hiding something. Options B and C, for all intent purposes, are equal. I have a 2012, 6.2L Raptor with 258,532 miles. The only major work I had done was Upper and Lower ball joints, which is to be expected given the miles. Routine maintenance is performed at regular intervals and the Raptor still runs strong. The Ford dealer where I had the ball joints replaced services two (2) Gen 1 Raptors each with over 300,000 and no major engine work. They are built tough for Baha runs and are over-engineered for daily driving.


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Sep 14, 2023
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Dont be so sure, @V1ROTATE has like 30k on his and his has been to the dealer 4 more times than mine with 100k on it.

luck of the draw i suppose.
Fact is these trucks are over 10 years old. My truck has been in the shop 3 separate times with low miles, mostly because of incomplete or incorrect diagnosis but the culprit ended up being misfiring due to corroded plugs and coils. If the truck you’re looking at was in a humid environment I’d definitely check plugs/coils pre-purchase.
The pros with buying low mileage IMO still outweigh the cons in most cases with THESE trucks. major pros
1. Shock mileage, except my bump stops have seen better days (rubber)
2. rust, rust, rust! my truck is practically new underbody
3. Interior wear. my seats aren’t shiny black from previous owners usInd cheap leather protectant.
4. Possibility of getting a ford warranty

1. expensive- low mileage gen 1s are about as expensive as mid mileage gen
2. Rubber parts tend to wear with age not mileage

”shop the owner, buy the car“ applies with these trucks. I bought from a ford dealership so I couldn’t talk face to face with the PO and wish I could have. Otherwise it’s a great truck, enjoy!


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Mar 9, 2024
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Hey all, just want to say thank you for all the help. Option B purchased as of yesterday. 2013, 125k miles
Congratulations on your new truck, you got one heck of a deal! I just paid 34k after tax for mine and it has 134k on it. Guess it’s Cali tax. More pics of the beauty please!