Axle Exchange Drive Shaft - Clunky

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Nov 23, 2021
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NW Arkansas
When I put the whipple on the 6.2L motor, I had a heck of a clunk when stopping and taking off. Also loud clunk if a downshift from say 4th to 3rd. With the whipple, I also had an axle exchange DS installed with chrome molly slip yolk. I took the DS off and greased the splines and that worked for about 2 days. I've been talking to @MTF and I believe the issue has been found. I went with the chrome molly slip yolk on my DS. I did not know the chrome molly slip yolk did not have the nickel plating on the inside of the splines. I got with Axle Exchange and bought a factory slip yolk with u-joint to install in the DS that I got from them. I'm pretty confident that the nickel plating will fix my clunk. 2 years of clunk and FINALLY getting solved. I should have my transmission back in a couple of weeks and get it all put back together. I'll report back once slip yolk is greased and installed.