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All of Sudden, No Low Beams, High's Work Great...

Discussion in 'Raptor Retrofit' started by Rockafella, Jul 10, 2015.

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    Dec 1, 2013
    Wilson, NC
    Hot as piss outside and no rain to speak of - plus I've got nothing but tons of compliments on my retrofits since I've put them in. Install was cake (even w/ color changing LEDs) and haven't had the first issue.

    Until last night. Not a water related short or anything of that nature because the truck hasn't seen any lately. Low beams didn't come on for some odd reason. High beams work great and if I pull the high/lo selector to flash the high beams the low beams actually appear for a split second. If I recall correctly, the low beam and the high beam is actually the light, just w/ a cut-off shield that's moved to allow for full coverage when the high beam is lit up.

    Not sure what's going on for the light not to come on when the cut-off shield is in place, and then when going from high beam back to low beam the cut-off shield is in place for just a second prior to the light cutting off - leaving me w/ no low beam.

    I haven't started trouble shooting yet, but figured that this forum would be as good of a place as any. Anyone experience this or have any suggestions on where to look first??

    Was thinking about taking a trip up to VA to dine w/ a bunch of raptors tomorrow but I'll need my low-beams for the trip back home, lol. Please help me out if you can, thanks!

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