2024 Raptor R order difficulties.

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May 26, 2020
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If you have a relationship with the dealer, it helps. I called my dealer where I purchased several raptors from and asked him to order 2024. He ordered it and sent me the price sheet. 5k above msrp.


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Apr 19, 2023
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Last week, when the 2024 Raptor R was announced, I began calling dealers to place an order. I've called over 30 dealerships, and only one let me order a Raptor R. The other dealerships all said they could not order one due to allocations. More than half of the dealerships I called didn't even know a new Raptor had been announced. The markup on the Raptor R also varies vastly from dealer to dealer. The highest markup was 100k, and the lowest was MSRP, with the average markup being 25k. One dealer even asked me what would be the most I would pay over sticker so they could compare offers from other individuals. While I understand that the Raptor R is a special-order vehicle, I don't think ordering one should be this difficult.
For the people who have placed an order for the 2024 Raptor R, did you experience these difficulties, or was it an easy process?
Easy so far. I had ordered my 23 Raptor 37 package and received it in May and talked to my dealer last Friday. Told me I’m probably looking at spring for delivery. They placed the order. I will only be paying msrp unless I plan on flipping the vehicle which I am not. The only thing I’m bummed about is no code orange. Ordered the antimatter blue. Still wondering what the total HP will end up being. I still like the 23 R better but it looks like my only opportunity to finally get an R. If I don’t, I’m still extremely happy with my 23.