1. KingKoopa17

    Transmission temp question (Gen 2)

    Okay, so maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing or I'm being paranoid, BUT, this is driving me crazy. Over the past several months (I want to say about the time I had the front pinion seal leak addressed back in October/November) I've noticed that my transmission temp climbs to high 190s to...
  2. KingKoopa17

    Leak spotted at front diff(?)

    Afternoon gents, I was prepping the truck for some undercoating last night when I spotted what appears to be a leak beneath the driver's side right behind the control arm knuckle on my '19. Having a bit of a brain fart at the moment, but I want to say it's the front diff or possibly...
  3. Gen2Boost

    SOLD! 2019 Factory Beadlock Capable 17x8.5 Takeoff Wheels with Factory Anti-Theft Lug Set (4 Wheels + 5th optional)

    SOLD 2019 OEM Beadlock Capable Takeoff Wheels up for grabs. Had new Fuel wheels mounted on my Gen 2 last week and I can’t listen to the wife anymore about how much space the takeoffs take up lol all logical attempts to explain that 4 wheels stacked in boxes don’t take up that much space have...
  4. C

    WTB: 2019/2020 OEM beadlock wheels - NorCal

    I am looking for a set of 4 (or 5) of the 2019/2020 OEM beadlock wheels in the Northern California area. Let me know. Thanks.

    RAPTOR RIMS 2019 NEW sold my truck

    I have 4 new 2019 Ford Raptor rims. $250 each.
  6. JAndreF321

    From ///M to RAPTOR

    Gents, I have recently purchased a new 2019 Ford F150 Raptor and sold my 2012 BMW X5M. The change was pretty significant for me because I've been a straight BMW owner for some time. I recently moved to the Northwest and have been itching to get something a little more practical for the...
  7. vanisvandal

    GEN 2 HELP!!! Raptor only making 250+hp on dyno!

    Hi everyone, After putting over 6000 miles on my ‘19 Raptor, I bring it to my local workshops to have it dyno. The target is to see how much HPs the Raptor can produce at the rear wheel. The result is surprisingly disappointed. My Raptor can only make around 230-255hps. Yes, not anywhere near...
  8. Nick@Apollo-Optics

    Black Friday Savings Starts NOW at www.Apollo-Optics.com

    BLACK FRIDAY Savings starts TODAY! We will continue to update this thread as sales start and end! Brands listed in alphabetical order. Addictive Desert Designs: Forum Only Special! Purchase a front/rear ADD bumper combo with lighting, get discounted pricing on bumpers, free freight, and a free...
  9. Jake226

    Finally Happened. Bloomington, IN

    Very excited to join your ranks. I’ve been haunting posts on this site for the last couple months and am proud to say I can now post. Picked up my 2019 Magnetic Gray Raptor last week. 802a, carbon fiber, and moon roof. Only after market item for it thus far is a weather tech alloy tonneau...
  10. Randolph Hoover

    Another Texas Raptor

    Picked up my 2019 SCREW a couple of weeks ago. Someone had custom ordered it and not taken delivery, so now its mine. Moonroof, Forged Aluminum Wheels and the graphics package (hood, sides) and more part of the custom order. Third F-150 for me, a Lariat, a King Ranch and now a Raptor. Putting...