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  • My sister and brother in law live in Springfield/Ozark Missouri. Have to let you know when I head that way and maybe we could meet up. Always good to meet members!
    Whats up man I like the pics of your rims what offset/specs are they? I want to order them the same as yours.

    I would if I could. It's quite a bit of a drive, though. How about something on the East coast, next time?
    Awesome, ok, cool! Because some of the rim set ups I've seen stick out too much for me, those are perfect! Thanks man!
    O, I saw 2 guys in a black scab going north on 13 this afternoon and thought it may be you. how was the surgery?
    I'm still in a sling, and still "not supposed" drive until next week. Only 6-8 weeks before I am able to return to work...
    True. That would be more fun too. Look them up on facebook. Its all local guys. Btw my name is cody
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