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  • Sorry about the late response. they are the black method standards. 17x8 with a 0 offset. I love them, they look made for this truck.
    The pics didn't turn out very well. Hard to show the measurements without the angle the pic was taken at changing them. So here you go:

    The plate is
    Length = 28 3/8"
    Width = 6 1/4"

    The 1/2" holes are roughly 27 2/8 x 4 3/8" on centers.

    The viewing rectangles where the LED shines through are in from the edges roughly 4 1/2" and down from the top/bottom roughly 1 1/4".

    I think the plate I have must have been one of the first and/or cut by hand because things aint exactly square or centered. I'm sure the new ones are much better than what I have.

    Hope that helps!
    Hey art. I'll send you a pic in a little bit. A corona plate? Sounds awesome!
    It's tough to beat a welded and plated piece as far as strength goes. I think Cory at RPG can give you some scientific data to backup the pro/cons of the bolt in idea.
    Hey man... I would get with RPG. I know they are working on a bolt in cage pretty much exactly the way you're describing.
    There are certain threads that are in the Supporting Member Lounge that only supporting members have access to.
    Yeah man for sure I will let you know a week in advance or so, I usually take the quads their to play but I need to try the truck and play haha. Thanks again for the help I will talk to you later
    Holister Hills is fun. I have only gone a couple times. There isn't much high speed stuff at all and you can really only stick to the "green diamond" trails because most others are way to narrow for the Raptor. It's definitely worth checking out. Let me know when you go. If I am free I will gladly come out a cruise around with you.
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