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  • yo im interested in a lil more info on this (except for the bad batch of axles that made they're way into some first run 5.4 trucks) which was posted in the clunk forum
    Hey SOCO, I live in tempe and I see you said a discount on perch mod, while im not very savy with the perch mod I think ive gathered enought info to find out its close to a leveling kit? I may be off but I was wondering if I can get a litlle more about it if you dont mind?

    Yeah, I'm on RDC quite a bit, I've been on the other Raptor forums, I like one, cant stand the other. I guess I forgot about this one.

    I race in the Texas desert race series, and go down to Baja with the Locos Mocos pit crew.
    Hey Brother, Brad here. Read good things about you and wanted to introduce myself. Currently deployed myself (also been to Iraq on previous deployment; SaD Province). I trust military mechanics and wanted to hit you up later with your recomendations on gas type, oil type, change frequncy etc for when I get my Raptor (hopefully upon my homecoming sometime in Mid-late April but still no Build date as of yet). Take care.
    hey do by chance know what part number your muffler is or remember what the dimensions where. exhaust sounds great!
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