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    My second Gen 3 in two months!

    Thanks! My 2018 SCAB without a moonroof only has a payload of 933 lbs. I'm probably going to hang onto it a couple more years, but really would like a few hundred more pounds of payload.
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    My second Gen 3 in two months!

    That's an awesome looking truck! Can you tell a difference in stopping power between the 35s and 37s? Also, would you mind posting the payload capacity for your Raptor with the 37s when you get a chance?
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    Lucked Out on Black 37 Package

    Nice Truck! Would you mind posting the payload figure on your door jam? I’ve been wondering how much a less optioned 37” can haul. My Gen2 SCAB’s payload without moonroof is only 933lbs. I love my truck, but wish it could haul more.
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    Any chance the Raptor R will have the Scab as an option?

    I’d like to see a non-Raptor regular cab and lowered street machine with the “R” powerplant!
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    Looking for temporary seat cover options

    Aries Seat Defender Canvas Seat Covers I used to do quite a bit of diving and used these on my old truck
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    Raptor Daily Driver?

    I’m starting to drive mine a little more sparingly since they no longer make SCABs. My ’18 currently has over 60K miles and I plan on keeping it for at least another four years. However, I do like the fact the Gen 3s have a higher payload and that inverter in the bed also looks pretty nice to...
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    steering or bearing issue?

    Sorry for the late reply. My dealer replaced the whole hub assembly, and it did fix my issues. Unfortunately, it took a whole week due to staffing shortages and having to order the part. On a positive note, it was covered under my normal warranty.
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    steering or bearing issue?

    I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to take it in yet. I did jack up the left side and there did seem to be a little play, but I'm no expert on what is normal. I am concerned that the dealer might try to blame my tires since they are a little more aggressive, but I do have the...
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    Antimatter 37 Raptor Arrived

    Please let us know what your door jam says when you get your truck Honeybadger! I'm kind of wondering what the 37s and options do to that max 1400 number. My '18 SCab only has a payload of 933 lbs, and that is without the moonroof.
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    Antimatter 37 Raptor Arrived

    Beautiful Truck! Can you please post the payload capacity on the door jam?
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    steering or bearing issue?

    Yeah, I was thinking they might say that. The weird thing is that it only occurs when turning slightly to the left. There is a slight buzzy vibration and noise that I can even feel a little with my foot on the floorboard.
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    steering or bearing issue?

    I’ve noticed an issue with my truck and am not sure if it’s the IWE, a wheel bearing or something else. When driving straight down a highway in 2 WD everything is fine. If I turn the wheel barely to the left, I get a slight hum and vibration. If I barely turn it barely to the right all is fine...
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    Mandatory Recaro Seats and Blue Interior with 37’s?

    I like cushy road trip worthy I would try to find somebody with a blue Gen 3 who would want to trade seats. It's awesome that Ford found a way to mount a 37 inch spare in the stock location. I'm probably not going to upgrade because I really dig my Supercab!
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    500+ HP on gen 3??

    Breaking the 500 horse mark would be a nice way to set the Raptors apart from other vehicles since there are a ton of 400 HP engines out there. Hyundai even has a 400+ HP powerplant!
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    Tire rotation questions

    FYI- Ford didn't even initially balance the spare in my 2018. I had that done, but no TPMS since I don't do the 5 tire rotation and have switched to Cooper tires.