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    We’ll latest news 1 million dollars worth of raptors were stolen from Dearborn

    We’ll latest news 1 million dollars worth of raptors were stolen from Dearborn
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    Finally bought a Gen 2 in Dubai!

    Nice color welcome to super cab club
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    BOV what do guys think any body had install what do you think of them any better performance or sound?

    I am thinking on purchasing BOV KIT. What do guys think ? Anybody have any thoughts? I like to to here that turbo sound will I get that any guy have before after videos please share thanks
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    Gen 2 Owners: Are you going to Gen 3, Gen 3-R or staying with your Gen 2??

    Keeping my 2020 scab Gen 3 might have some recalls u never know
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    ? On Gen 2 anGen 3 do u think there will b a mod for Gen2 exhaust that Gen 3 has

    Could Gen2 get a after market exhaust like the new Gen3 coming out or Ford put one out there for Gen 2?
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    Mod upgrades

    I just wanted to show u guys some mods I did to my super cab Raptor 1) Painted fender flares to match truck color that cost me 1300 2) Rhino linear skid plate and back wheel wells that cost me 450 3)I added radiance fog lights easy install too HERE ARE SOME PICS Sent from my iPhone...
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    New Raptor Owner Checking In

    Nice Scab enjoy that I am enjoying mine
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    North Jersey New Member Check In.

    Nice SCAB I enjoy mine welcome
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    Had to get one, my 2017

    Enjoy ur SCAB NICE TRUCK
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    New Member - Hi from PA

    Welcome from another Pa guy
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    Made the switch to a Raptor!!!!

    Enjoy that Scab I Love mine
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    Start your comments

    Happy Halloween truck its dress up as raptor for HALLOWEEN
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    HUGE Thank You to TMX!!!

    Hi Hollywood 1 how much did u pay for your fenders to get painted I have the same velocity blue?