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Nov 30, 2016
    1. SVTCALI
      Also note I have the 5.4 engine. Your 6.2 should have plenty of power and torque.
      And I agree with you about the diesel rigs! They can go over anything and everything out there like it's nothing. If you want to show them up hit up some of the high speed areas. My favorite is after the last pole marker cut in and then boarder the dunes as close to shore as they let you get. I have hit 80+ over there and unless those diesels have long travel kits they aren't going to keep up.
    2. SVTCALI
      Try manual shifting. That's what I use for hill climbs. The truck's shifting patterns (even in offroad mode) wants to shift up to soon. Resulting in power-loss. Get a decent amount of speed and momentum going. Try to enter the hill climb somewhere mid maybe close to high rpm for the gear you are in. If you start to get power loss you can just drop it down a gear and that usually does the trick.
    3. SVTCALI
      Some other pointers:
      - Don't stop on "high center" areas. As soon as your tires dig in and your frame touches the sand you are pretty much stuck.

      - In soft sand I always try to stop somewhere that slopes down. Even if it only slopes downward slightly it will help big time where you go to take off again.

      - Momentum is huge! Don't let up in soft sand. Keep powering thru it

      - A lot of times if I feel like I'm stuck and Ive lost all momentum I can get out by reversing out of it. I try to look for a incline to reverse up so when I go to pull forward I can a downward slope to help me get going again.
    4. SVTCALI
      The 20 psi is probably good. I don't even think I lower mine that much but the lower they are the more it helps. Settings are the biggest factor along with picking where you drive and where you stop.

      My normal pismo settings:
      - Select 4-high
      - Press off-road mode.
      - Then hold down the traction control button until it flashes. (most important)
      *update - the traction control part can be tricky. I sometimes end up putting it in sport mode thinking its off and run into problems. I can usually tell right away and reset the setting before I get into trouble.

      This supposedly completely removes traction control. If you leave traction control on or in sport mode it senses the wheels "slipping" and kills the power and causes you to get stuck.
    5. Raptizzle
      Talk to SVTCALI. He frequents Pismo.
    6. Raptizzle
      Hey man, I've never been to Pismo but I do know even in 4WD getting stuck is fairly common when stopping in the super soft stuff. Yeah, the stock BFG's are no bueno in that kind of stuff too. I think 20 PSI was a good pressure because any lower without beaklocks might be troublesome. I'm sure Pismo was a blast though!
    7. Raptizzle
      Bumps: FOX-98002245A 2.5" Body, 4.0" Travel
    8. Raptizzle
      Hey man, Here's the part #: FOX-980-99-231A
      Fox 3.0 Pro Series 18" Travel 3-tube Bypass Shock

      I got them from Kartek.
    9. Raptizzle
      Most definitely.
    10. Raptizzle
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