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Prospective Raptor Owners

Military Raptor Owners

This is a discussion on Military Raptor Owners within the Prospective Raptor Owners forums, part of the Ford Raptor Forums - General Information category!
Haha blind you are correct! All joking aside if you want one and have the money don't hesitate find the ...

View Poll Results: Should I go ahead and buy a $55K+ Ford Raptor?
Yes; the aforementioned reasons were enough to convice me you'll be fine 5 22.73%
No; the aforementioned reasons were not strong enough to convince me otherwise 4 18.18%
YOLO; Go ahead and buy it, you're already doing good so why not self-indulge? 4 18.18%
Read the thread you made, it'll help you make the decision for yourself. 9 40.91%
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Old 05-22-2013, 08:59 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Haha blind you are correct!

All joking aside if you want one and have the money don't hesitate find the right one you want or order it and get it you will not regret it one bit! I've been in the army 8 years now and I got My truck back in January of 2010 and have loved every second of ownig it! Yea it took me 2 deployments to save up for it but it was well worth it!

I'm from Southern California and grew up playing in the desert so this truck was perfect for me. During my deployments my parents would drive out to see me off then they would drive my truck back with them. They live in California and I was stationed in fort hood TX for 7 years and just got statione in fort benning GA last November.

You really are over thinking this one I'm sure everyone will help you make up your mind here and tell you to just get one! This
Forum is by far the best raptor forum in the world it's like a sik twisted family haha but a good one to be a part of!!
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how come yal get so many benefits and what not (but lower pay than here) compared to the forces!
In the CF officer is 70k mark.
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Dude you've seen mine on the yard for two years. Raptors are fucking awesome, just hurry up and buy the damn truck. If you wanna come drive mine and see how it is just hit me up. By the way cute name, quite original. Hope you enjoyed graduation rehersal this morning.

Word of advise on here if your post is longer than 2 paragraphs and doesn't include pictures no one will read it. Anyways hope you get it, just let me know if you wanna see mine.
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You are what gives us alumn a bad name. Jesus all your bragging of how you live your life. No offense.

Ok with that off my chest, I'm a lowly jg and I just bought a house and a fully loaded '13 for 62k within the same quarter and did not have anyone match the payment on the truck. I did put 20k down, 10k from a jeep I bought with my career starter.especially with being single, you should have no problem affording so long as you're as responsible with money as previously stated. Be prepared to pay a lot for gas though, I fill up to the tune of ~120 four times a month. It is true as others have mentioned it is a down payment on the accessories , and I haven't even had a chance to do much yet! But have plenty of plans...

In all seriousness, if you have anymore questions, PM me and I'll be more than happy to answer them.


2013 Black (think fastest) Screw fully loaded minus tailgate step and stripper pole | Craven stubby | MBRP turndown | 15% Tint all around | DBug Screen
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(Thread Starter)

Last edited by USNA; 06-10-2013 at 09:05 PM. Reason: PAO.
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You can run regular fuel and at your age that insurance sounds about right for the cost of the truck. My premium runs $216 a month but I also have two salvaged vehicles on my record.
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You're killing me! Just order it! Acquire it! Drive it! & Mod it! And then you can do them long ass write ups on Mods you will accomplish in the near future.

Have you noticed the military sends you to professional military schools throughout your carreer, and in the Air Force that is known as being "Re-Blued". What does the Navy call it? Swapping the Deck? :)

BTW -- did you just complete a course on "Risks Management Assessments"?

Good Luck on your future acquisition and with your career!

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(Thread Starter)
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Last edited by USNA; 06-10-2013 at 09:05 PM. Reason: PAO.
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Stick with USAA. They might cost more but their customer service is the best.

You can run anything higher than 87. You just won't have the extra 10 ponies.

Hopefully you're mature enough to handle the truck and the rank.

My current OIC was an Academy graduate. I have 18 yo Airmen that are more mature and knowledgable than him. Great guy but not very professional

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
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Originally Posted by USNA View Post

^I really do appreciate the advice on this and well... I understand the typical perceptions of Officers by Enlisted simply due to the bad apples that be. I also know that Academy Officers also have unique expectations of them by their Enlisted that all too often leads to disappointment due to our "unique" upbringing/culture that does promote early cynicism of the Fleet/Corps.

I do not mean to be disparaging of my future role as an officer but I respect that saying of Respect to Rank before the Individual however I fully intend to EARN my rank and the respect of my men & women under me. That said, I do know I have a lot of growing up to do but I do not consider myself an immature drunken brat. And please, the "YOLO" part of my initial post was simply included as bias towards my youth, no offense intended nor was it meant to be an insult (Evanscott, Sir).


I just want to weigh upon experienced opinions towards my own which is obviously biased because of my current circumstances (age, education, etc.) so that I do not make a terrible mistake. And because of this concern I do absolutely recognize my level of immaturity at this point, its just I want to make a clear informed decision before I jump the gun on this and throw caution to the wind.

^With all that off my chest, I just wanted to mention that due to my parents' financial support on the purchase the Raptor will be fully paid for when the purchase is made so as to avoid the cut-throat APR by the Dealership.

My other concern is obviously insurance which quoted from USAA would be around ~$975 (1-year) for reasonably inclusive benefits (i.e. all the necessities: collision, liability, comprehensive; vandalism...) to which I have been told to "shop" around more for.

As far as gas is concerned, I think a 36-Gal tank is quite nice and is definitely a plus but would I be stuck at 93? Or is it possible to run mid-grade fuel, 89 (South) & 91 (Westcoast)?

Again, thanks for all the help. I will be PM-ing some of ya'll specifically :D
I feel like I am reading the dictionary when you write. However refreshing that you actually DO use proper English and syntax/lexicon, this forum really isn't the place for a thesis paper and words |----------------------| that long.

Academy...the first thing I look for in an Officer is a Good Conduct Ribbon. If you understand, you know what I mean. There's a reason I'm waiting until I pick up Chief to go LDO if not CWO (and that goes to you too, Huck).

I really think you should just make a decision. Have you seen the movie "Battleship"? Remember when Alex Hopper (USN/O3) directs the crew to 310 to ram the alien ship? Great choice. Remember when Ordy (USN/E3) begs Hopper for an order, to give him something to do and he couldn't? Your analysis running this deep on the purchase of a vehicle worries me.

I'll probably never meet you out in the fleet. You're unrestricted and you'll most likely go surface or something whereas I am Intel/Cryptology and I sadly will never see another ship. But when you're on that ship and you have 300-5,000 people under your Command -- you won't have time to write it all down, count beans and figure out which way saves the Navy/Marines/US Government money. You're gonna have to make a choice and pray to God that it's the right choice.

Buy the damn truck.
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2013, military, new member, yolo

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