TN Meet Up

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Mar 7, 2023
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To All Interested the date is June 8 The meet time 8:00 AM
WE will be meeting at Davis General Store @ 5600 Leipers Creek RD. Franklin TN.
I have a couple of little changes to do in Gaia maps but the run is pretty much set. If you have Gaia and would like to review the route send me a DM with your Gaia Email.

We are planing on a 4 Hour trip around 45 Miles with a few Trail stops So, Finishing up around Noon. So plan accordingly. If you would Like to go to Lunch as a group we will be going to a place in somewhat Near Dickson TN,

I have a lot of Dirt roads in the map. Airing down is not Required but Recommend. There is NO AIR at the endso,you will need to bring your own if you air down.
If you know you are coming for sure, Please click Here and reply IN. Not sure.... but want to. reply Possible. Keep your Question here on this thread.

1 @jAKe47
2 Hal993[/USER]
3 @Rekkr
4 @MurderedOutSVT
5 @hjmpanzr
6 @CigarPundit
7 Donovan[/USER]
8 @Bozz
9 @slater
10 @reese615
12 @mwaite09
13 @kevo_lo
14 @laxmike32
15 @Lunatik Logan
16 @msharpe08
17 @Drumhead
18 77Raptor[/USER]
19 CruiserClass[/USER][/USER]
20 @Q Ballz83
21 @ToadSmasher2K1
22 @ltdan2025
23 Ol_Blue[/USER]
24 @Gumby
25 @MeFryRice
26 @dhanni848
27 @MeFryRice wife

Thank you If you have already respond in the "Meet up List" thread no action necessary.
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