Seat bracket breaking/harness question

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Apr 18, 2020
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So I run my truck…hard. I’ve broken 2 seat motor brackets in the past year (motorcraft part mm1143) that holds the motor that takes the seat forward/backwards. Just ordered #3

Im not fat, im 6’0 175 ish. I just tun my truck and when I take a hard landing the bracket breaks. Ive seen two others break so its not a common issue but not rare either.

Attached is a picture of the bracket, its plastic which is the issue. So im thinking possible fixes to keep my ass planted a little better and not smashing down on my seat on a hard landing so thinking a harness may be the issue. I’d rather not go bucket seats but understand that may be the answer & just accept ill lose my luxury seat features.

Is there any decent harnesses I can use for the factory seats? Id rather not cage which from what I understand limits me to 3 & 4 point harnesses.