Replacing B&O Unleashed system Soon

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Apr 1, 2024
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The Beach
I have a buddy that owns a shop, I am no engineer but he has been doing this 20 years. So far I have 2 JL 10's behind the rear seat (custom box cut to spec fit with relocating jack and window motor), with JL's 1000X1 and it sounds superb. He recommended a (active 3-way set up just for the front and leave the rest. I am set on replacing the 2 inch tweeters above my head as I think they are blown but thats it. I will let you know how it sounds when I can stomach the cost. ($1000 Processor, $1800 for each side on 3 ways + Labor - This is after $3000 for the 10's, custom box, relocation)

If anyone has relocated the jack, where did you put it to still be functional? I do not want to put it under the seat. I have a rear seat spacer kit so I can fully put seats up or down as now with the grills, I need another inch to lock them up in place.
I got a channel mount for my diamound back bed cover the jack is to mount on the topside of the cover... that my solution