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Jul 22, 2019
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Houston, TX
So.. the people who forked over the extra $$$ don't actually want a Raptor? Would seem to me that ADM payers want a Raptor more than non-ADMers.

Not at all what he said. OP is either a dealer, claiming to have allocations to sell when no dealer has allocations yet. Or, OP has 10 commitments of sort from dealers and plan on turning over whatever vehicles he can get for a quick buck. If it's the latter, then yes, he's effectively raising the price of vehicles by acting as another middle man between Ford and actual customers. I guess there is some sort of service provided if a customer doesn't care about price and doesn't want to call around to find a dealer...but then again, OP can't promise a sale either since there are no allocations yet.


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Aug 26, 2017
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Take everything the OP states and be skeptical...He is a dealer and makes promises under the guise of being a fellow forum member here to help us out...He is here to make money (in this case alot of money on ADM's). I have helped 2 members here get raptors at MSRP ---in the past 1.5 years...without accepting or asking for any money ...I was simply paying it forward to the forum and helping fellow forum members get their new raptor...like another forum member did for me and others when we got our 2021 Raptors @ msrp...Days of Raptors at msrp even from the dealer I worked with are gone for now...but those times will return.

This type of posting bothers me for several reasons...Dealers trying to add adm's should not be permited to sell here acting like they are just helpful forum members...this guy is a car salesman that doesn't understand good business practices and is not transparent.

I personally experienced the OP "idea" of helping me find a raptor....He did not help me and the truck never materialized--wasted my time. There are too many honest people on this fourm that help forum members...there are also people on this fourm pretending to be forum members trying to help...that do not help.

This forum found my 2021 Raptor 37 @ MSRP for me ...This forum helped me trouble shoot some issues and taught me FORSCAN which I love and use on 2 vehicles now...love FORSCAN....Not once did the forum members that helped me find my raptor or tune it with FORSCAN ask for any money....that tells me everything I need to know about a person. my .02 cents---