rap worth?

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Dec 7, 2023
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Deerfield beach fl
I’m currently on the market for a 2gen raptor. I came across a 2020 lead foot color 44,000 miles 802a package and the condition of the truck is a 10/10 super clean . But I was disappointed when the salesman told me it went on the lemon law title. I did my research on why it went lemon, apparently the the check engine light would come on and then they took it back to fix and same problem. According to the dealer the problem is solved. But still on the fence about it. Thoughts? thanks I’m advance.


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Dec 16, 2016
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First, it’s primer grey, so you’d need to paint it so the other Raptors won’t laugh at it. Second... That lemon law. It takes a lot to be victorious in a lemon law suit, usually the mfgr will buy back before that defeat happens so they can still repair and sell the vehicle. The fact that it was a repeat repair and ended up with a branded title.

I’d buy it for $1500 tops. Because it’s one of a few possibilities.

inept shop doing the repairs.
problematic truck due to deeper issue - wiring harness or defective hard part component.
failure due to parts delay - Ford is rather stingy with some parts and we’ve had several buybacks because they could not produce a defective part replacement BUT: these resulted in a buy back, NOT a lemon law suit defeat.

I’d reckon that it’s 80-90 percent likely the problem will resurface. No way I’d pay that kind of money for a lemon branded vehicle, even if it was a top line Ferrari.
I vote pass.
full disclosure, many years ago, I did prevail in a lemon law suit, but the legal landscaped has evolved since then and it’s a bit more difficult now for manufacturers to claim abuse on performance vehicles. Still, it’s a PITA, takes on the order of 3-18 months to conclude, there’s no “instant” relief on the table, and eventually you may prevail and get your money back, but your time is generally not compensated. Buy backs have become much more easy to achieve as manufacturers have realized that making a consumer go through the lemon law process creates a brand enemy, sometimes even out of formerly loyal customers. Brand enemies are vocal and the buy back process tends to avoid making brand enemies.

good luck.


Jan 3, 2024
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Upstate NY
Hi all, new to these forums and I'm looking at purchasing a 2020 as well. What do y'all think is a good price to pay for similar mileage 802A package w/ carbon fiber, assuming a clean title? I've seen asking prices range from $52,500 to $58,000 w/ ~40K miles.

Trying to decide if now is a good time to buy or wait to see how 2024 shakes out. From my research it seems like dealers are having trouble moving New inventory and I've heard the used market will come down to reflect whats happening in the used wholesale market in the next 60 days. I just don't know if a 2nd gen Raptor would be susceptible to the market conditions given it's a pretty high-end/specialty vehicle.

Thanks in advance!!