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May 27, 2020
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Northern California
Starting the discussion thread for accessorizing the 6G Ranger Raptor (2024 model). Since much of the rest of the world have had this truck since late 2022, there's some interesting add-ons out there. But many more will arrive in time. Here's some I'm interested in.

- Baja Designs Lightbar: https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/onx6-arc-led-light-bar-universal/?sku=523003
- SPV Parts 40" Putco LED Light Bar Kit https://specialtyperformanceparts.com/products/2017-2019-40-led-light-bar-kit-for-2017-raptor

- Hennessey front and rear bumpers (hope to learn who the OEM is): https://www.hennesseyperformance.co...er-raptor-upgrade-hennessey-velociraptor-500/
Rock Sliders
- https://www.rocky-road.com/ford-ranger-rock-sliders.html

Tools Organization - With little interior cabin storage compared with the F-150 Raptor, I'm figuring tools will need to go in the bed
- Overland Gear Guy: https://overlandgearguy.com/
- BuiltRight Industries Tech Pouches: https://builtrightind.com/products/builtright-industries-tech-pouch-3pc-set-black
Bed accessories - mounting tools and recovery gear so that it is secure for off-roading
- BuiltRight Industries Gear Organization system: https://builtrightind.com/products/builtright-industries-tech-pouch-3pc-set-black
- Ranger Tailgate Storage (assuming they make a solution for the 6G models): https://hfabusa.com/products/ford-ranger-tailgate-storage
- RetraxPro bed cover: https://realtruck.com/p/retraxpro-xr-tonneau-cover/
- Yakima Overhaul HD: https://yakima.com/products/overhaul-hd-system

Larger Fuel Tank: http://thelongranger.com.au/ford/rangerraptor/2022-nextgen

Jacks and accessories - Hi-Lift Jack isn't good for a truck for a variety of reasons.
- Badland Off-Road Jack: https://www.harborfreight.com/3-ton-off-road-jack-59136.html
- HDS Engineering Badland Jack Mount: https://hds-engineering.com/shop/ols/products/badland-jack-mount
- Grove Fabworks Badland Jack Cover: https://grovefabworks.com/shop/ols/products/badland-jack-cover
Pro Eagle - New lower cost item competitive to the Badland price-wise but that is more compact
- Abrams: https://www.proeagle.com/collections/jacks-2023/products/3-ton-shop-jack-abrams

Tire inflator/deflator - air up after airing down for off-roading in wet, sand, slippery/loose rock
- Morrflate multi-tire inflator and deflator solution: https://morrflate.com/

- First Aid Kit: https://rotopax.com/collections/emergency-storage
- Dried food
- Gloves
- Safety glasses
- Fire Extinguisher
- Flashlight
- Headlamp light
- Flares
- Reflector triangles
- Jumper Cables
- Glass break tool
- Bungie cords
- Carabiners
- Gorrilla/Duct tape
- Zip ties
- Lighter
- Fresh water storage: https://rotopax.com/collections/water-storage
- Gas canister: https://rotopax.com/collections/gasoline
- Tarp
- Impact wrench: https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/impact-drivers-wrenches/impact-wrenches

- Rubber Mallet
- Wrenches
- Socket Set
- Small pry bar
- Screwdrivers
- Vicegrips
- Pliers
- Allen wrenches
- Wirecutter
- Knife

- Shovel: https://krazybeavertools.com/collections/frontpage
- Axe: https://www.fiskars.com/en-us/garde...-machetes/fiskars-chopping-axe-28-375581-1001
- Folding saw
- crowbar
- Tow strap: https://store.arbusa.com/recovery/recovery-gear/recovery-straps/
- Kinetic Energy Rope: https://freedomropes.com/shop
- Soft and metal D-Rings/Shackles: https://store.arbusa.com/recovery-bow-shackle-19mm-4-75t-rated-type-s-arb2014/
- Tree saver: https://store.arbusa.com/tree-trunk-protector-strap-10ft-arb730lb/
- Traction boards: https://store.arbusa.com/tred-pro-black-orange-recovery-boards-tredprobob/

Auto parts
- Fuses
- Tire deflate tool: https://morrflate.com/shop/morrflate-multi-tire-air-kits/morrflate-quad-4-tire-air-kit/
- Assorted supply of spare clips, nuts and bolts

What have you found?


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Aug 17, 2016
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East TN
That 35 gallon fuel tank will be nice. Stock is only 21. I bet it maybe gets 2 mpg better than a f150 Raptor, 21 gallons will go very fast.