2019 Raptor E-85 Ready with Wide Body Kit and Upgraded Live Valve Suspension, Fully Loaded

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Jun 27, 2019
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I am selling my 2019 raptor with lots of upgrades for $95,000. The truck has a wide body kit, it makes this raptor look more aggressive and a true head turner on the street. Current mileage is 21,219 miles, clean Carfax, and I am the only owner of this truck with clean title. Truck is kept in the garage, spotless inside out, and has never been in any accidents, maintenance was done on time at local dealer.

Vehicle was purchased at May 2019 as new, fully loaded as sticker shows, 802A plus twin panel sunroof, hood graphic, carbon fiber package, adaptive cruise control with complete stop-go function. Most of the mods listed below were done professionally in late 2020/early 2021 (around 12,000 mile mark) by SVC/LNC, who are well known raptor mechanical/body shop in Southern California. I used to work in auto industry, all mods are well thought of.

CARB certified SVC intercooler.
K/N air intake filter.
XDI-EVO High pressure fuel pump to make the engine E-85 compatible.
Truck will come with MPT tuner so you will be able to switch among Stock tune, 91 PRX tune, E85 tune freely as long as gas tank is empty (below 10 miles). With E85, I see about 150 HP gain on the wheel, it is literally a super car on the dirt, even with 37” tires, 0-60 won’t lose to TRX over a bumper. Due to large tank size on Raptor (32 gallons), it won’t have significant range decrease on E85, nowadays it will be much cheaper (although MPG become lower, but due to gallon price so low, you still save around 10 cents per mile), and it is clean to run this truck and smells good!

Suspension and tire:
Fox Factory Race Series Live Valve Kit. It is the upgraded adjustable suspension with remote reservoir compared to stock live valve. An Update that still fully utilize 2019 model’s live valve hardware. In “soft” mode on street, truck is riding like Navigator.
Front: Orange RPG upper control Arm, tire rod, KHC slot delete kit stage 1
Rear: SVC offroad adjustable bump system, with +3 Deaver springs.
37” Nitto Ridge Grappler with ICON Compression wheel for all 5 wheel/tire sets. (9,000 miles)
Freedom motorsports R1 concept drilled and slotted rotors and Posi quiet ceramic brake pad, increase stopping power by 20-30%. (9,000 miles)

SDHQ 2”Flare 2”Rise fiberglass front and rear fender installed and painted by LNC. Provide perfect clearance and best look for 37’ tires. The whole truck looks more aggressive and kingly.
ADD Pro bolt on front and rear bumper. Front bumper with extra light hoop to support 4 LP-6 lights.
Life time warranty Inyati sprayed-in Bedliner.
Bolt-on supporting bar to fixate spare tire in the trunk bed.
Pace Edwards retractable Tonneau cover
3 L-track with secure rings on the bed for tire down heavy duty equipment. Two of them for the tie down of pro eagle jack.
3M window tint.
Reflective FORD logo DECAL Rear and Front.

Lighting/Electrical: all of 6 Auxiliary switches are utilized.
4 Baja design LP6 LEDs Amber, at night the driving lights portion of LP6 will light up. With the stock amber LED at the front grill, it really creates a daunting presence at night.
Rigid 41610 triple FOG/Driving/Spot D-series lights White
Baja Design S2 reverse light on the rear bumper. Big help when reversing off road!
GJMotorsports 3rd brake light housing, 3 Baja s2 sport lighting with NMO antenna Mount (2 amber chase lights, 1 parking white light), with antenna.
Radio: Icom f5021 Chase package
Swarfworks Front Camera assembly relocation kit to ensure front camera function.

Sound Deadening with closed cell foam on all 4 doors, cabin is quite and door close sound like a Mercedes
Builtright Raptor Dash mount and X-grip Ram mount Off Road Phone Holder.
Fire extinguisher mounted under driver’s seat using Bracketeer mount.

Survival kit/Accessories:
2 ton pro-eagle off road Jack, 2 traction boards.
Torque Wrench / Heavy Duty Electric Drill for quick tire change. /Tire patch kit
Staun tire deflator / VIAIR 440p portable air compressor inflator
First aid kit / Wrench kit / 5 gallon gas tank / Portable jump starter/ AMP Research crgo divider.

If you are looking for a Shelby Baja raptor or equivalent or plan to buy a stock one to do serious upgrade yourself but don’t want to invest time, this is the option for you! Especially most of high value parts listed here now saw a 20%-30% price increase.


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Jun 27, 2019
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Oct 4, 2020
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Really sweet ride, but not sure about that 20-30% price thing, I feel for all thos ppl who end up over paying when things drop to normal in a yr..man just a sweet ride..if it was closer to 65-70k it would be in my ballpark…someone’s getting a heck of a ride..:)