P144C code help please!

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Nov 14, 2018
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Las Vegas, NV
I have a 2017. In December I installed Garrett Powermax turbos and AMS inlet tubes with the larger silicon adapters. I also have an AFE intake which was already on the truck. I transferred the white beveled insert tube that came with that kit to the AMS inlet tubes already. Since December, I keep getting a P144C code (Purge performance under boost) I bought a new OEM purge valve assembly and a new canister/vent valve without testing anything as the truck has close to 100K on it and chalked it up to preventative maintenance. Code still came back. I smoke tested and cannot see leaks anywhere, including the fuel filler "cap." From researching it seems like its related to what I keep seeing called the evap ejector, the T fitting coming from the top most connection of the driver side inlet tube. One connection goes to the tube before the throttle body and the other to the evap purge assembly. My guess is that under boost the purge valve vents back into the intake tube thats creating a vacuum because it cant vent to the other side thats under boost pressure. Am I on the right track? And, if so, has anyone else ran into this issue with aftermarket intake tubes and found a solution? The truck is running strong, no issues there. I just need to pass smog to get it registered. Thanks for looking and let me know if you need any more information! Also wasn’t sure if I should post this in the general discussion or the engine mods section so if there’s a better place I’ll see if I can get it moved.
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