Gen 3 or “built” Gen 2

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Jul 16, 2017
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Marietta, Ga
I did a quick search but did not find any threads related to what I’m about to ask. If a thread like this exists then please accept my apologizes and we can move this conversation into another existing thread.

I‘ve had two Gen 2 and currently own a ’22 Gen 3 with the 37PP package. The performance of the Gen 3 is much improved over the Gen 2 but for whatever reason, I have an itch to get back into a Gen 2 to do a proper build. For those that have own(ed) both, I’m looking for your feedback to which one you feel is the better option? Is a Gen 3 just as capable as a built Gen 2?

To give you a little more information on my current situation.
  • I live in Atlanta so I don’t have easy access to high speed trails like you all in AZ or CA but I’m prepared to send my truck out west to attend some of the events like Baja, etc. This would not be a build just to look pretty in the Whole Foods parking lot although admittedly, it’d probably see more time there than on the trails simply due to my location.
  • I recently purchased a 996 GT3 that I plan to tow to local track events. I’m fully aware the Raptor is not the best vehicle to tow with but I’m not interested in any other truck nor do I have the space for a second one. I’ve towed my other track cars with my previous Gen 2’s and they did ok. How does a linked rear end affect the towing capability?
  • This would be my DD for the time being.
Let me know if I’m crazy and should just keep my current truck.

- Steve


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Jun 5, 2021
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I have owned both and I would choose the Gen 3 all day. Interior and tech is dated on the Gen 2 when compared to the Gen 3 just like the Gen 1 is vs Gen 2. Adaptive cruise control is much better and more refined on the Gen 3—this is very useful in traffic and big cities, but especially when towing! Adaptive cruise control based on speed limit is probably my favorite piece of tech on the truck. But overall the 12” screen is a lot more pleasant for CarPlay and all the other goodies than that tiny Gen 2 screen. The cabin is noticeably quieter too, which all contributes to a better daily driving experience.

Ever since the Gen 1 was conceived, people have wanted to put 37s on their truck. So you have a truck that the majority of Raptor owners would take in a heartbeat if they could get their hands on one for MSRP. Every bump you hit with a stock Gen 2, the rear end kicks out sideways lol, so to answer your question, you should know that the coil rear is better than the Gen 2 just from a daily driving experience.

The Gen 3 will tow better than the Gen 2 and can handle a GT3 with a WDH no problem. Depending on your tongue weight, you may need to upgrade the rear springs. I normally haul fully enclosed trailers across the country a couple times a year. I have did this with a Gen 2, TRX, Gen 3, and a 22 SuperDuty. Gen 3 has been my favorite drive because of the coil springs—ride is more comfortable than my SD. Your 996 is probably around 3k lbs, so depending on whether you do an open or enclosed trailer, you should be around 5k lbs of total weight.

I’ve had a bunch of issues with my Gen 2 and Gen 3, but haven’t missed my Gen 2 for a second lol. Yes, the exterior may look better on the Gen 2, but the driving experience goes to the Gen 3 all day.
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Sep 2, 2021
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Washington State
I guess it depends on what you consider a "built Gen 2" is. You don't want to daily drive a truck with 3.0/3.5 shocks. Mostly due to having to rebuild the other shocks more often.

For what you have planned, stick with your current Gen 3.


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Mar 13, 2019
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Las Vegas, NV
A linked truck will always ride better than a leaf sprung truck. Unless the "build" on the Gen2 includes linking it, I'd stick with the Gen3.