(Gen 3) Baja Designs Dual 10” Onyx 6 Behind The Grill Kit Review

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May 1, 2023
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New Jersey
I have the same brackets behind my grill ,


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Aug 26, 2023
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Alexandria VA
I wanted to share a few photos to complement the information/media that Baja Designs has posted for this kit.

I opted for this kit over the triple fog light kits that are also available for the Gen 3 Raptor from quite a few manufacturers.

Baja Designs incudes some pretty stout brackets that bolt into the factory grill shutter mounting points. You then mount the light bar universal brackets to the supplied brackets from BD.

The wiring harness is top notch and didn’t need any modification whatsoever. You can use any auxiliary wire from your upfitter switches per the Baja Designs supplied instructions.

From my understanding, the use of the relay removes the danger of having a higher power light setup like dual Onyx 6 bars exceed the capacity of the factory upfitter switch amp rating.

I posted the upfitter switch wire information for your quick reference.

I ran a single 10” Onyx6 on my last Gen 2 Raptor in the lower grill and wasn’t very impressed.

The higher mounting location of this kit is a game changer with great light output. I am very satisfied with the quality and simplicity of this kit.
Got a few pics of it on the truck, with the lights off?

Any showing beam throw with just high beams on vs with the Onx6's on too? I want this setup over the 6x Squadrons but fear want be enough beam throw with the grill interference. I can't kind find many pics/vids people running these, tons running the 6 squads though.

Also, are you saying you wired these 2 together on one Aux switch and they work fine? or on 2 separate ones? Seem's these 2 combined are over 15 amps
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Jul 15, 2017
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Anyone know where to get just the brackets?
We have our own version of the brackets for these kits.
We don’t have them forward facing on our site though because they were selling out so fast, we couldn’t keep up with actual kit orders.
That said, if you send us an email at info @spvparts.com, we can send a cart to you. We also have plug n play harnesses for any light configuration you want to put in there.
Also, if you don’t have your lights for these, keep in mind. We can help you with that too. Even if you found some secondary sketchy site somewhere or your “buddy” can get you a deal. We can either match or beat a price on most things, still keep your warranty intact as we are an authorized dealer with all the major brands, or reinforce your find. So it’s definitely worth the inquiry.



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Jul 18, 2017
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Anyone know where to get just the brackets?

We sell the brackets here:

Our brackets are made out of stainless steel here in the good ole USA. They are powder coated black and have a lieftime warranty

Or as part of a complete kit WITH discount built in: https://www.4x4truckleds.com/lower-...021-ford-f-150-raptor-w-kr-off-road-brackets/