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Supporting Vendor
Supporting Vendor
Jul 18, 2017
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Greetings! So by now some of you (or if you are new, hello) know who we are. We're an online retailer offering the highest quality LED lighting around. We sell all of your favorite brands from Rigid and Baja to Putco and KC.

We also have our own brand of LED lights, ClaraLux. We currently offer replacement bulbs (194, 921, 3157, 7443, etc...) for your blinkers/license plates, etc... and we offer LED Conversion Kits (we only source the highest quality kits, so no cheap kits from us).

As forum members we'd like to extend 10% off to the community. If you place an order on our website use promo/coupon code RAPTORFORUM and you'll get 10% (eligible items).

You can also PM us direct if you need pricing or email us, [email protected]

We're Ford owners as well so we know Ford lighting inside/out.