Advice/guidance for 2017 shock replacement

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Jan 3, 2022
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Hesperia CA
Spoke with Dale from KHC today. He's a wealth of useful technical information on Raptors, including the Gen 1 vs Gen 2 rear shocks. His recommendations for my 2011 SCREW setup: (stock rear springs, shackles, & bumpstops, with new Deavers at least a year from now), is to retain the Gen 1 rear 2.5 Fox shocks and oem shock mount until I'm ready to upgrade everything. At that time I'll put on the KHC shock mounts, Gen 2 3.0 Foxes, Deavers, new shackles, 2.5 King bumpstops & a new contact pad all at once.


Oct 5, 2021
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New Zealand
Probably different useage but I got mine revalved by local Fox agent who basically just racing shocks. Will put a few things in perspective. I have an off road race truck (desert truck but we don't have deserts!) and I rebuild and tune the coilovers and external bypasses myself. Discussed doing it with the my Raptor but when looking at the internal bypass side of things I paid for it to be done.
He pulled them out and rebuilt them all in a day so I was without it over night only.
I got it revalved more like a rally car and took out the float (for better description) at ride height. I've Eibach spring up front and Icon (2nd option) in the rear.
Now much truck handles like it should. Doesn't do desert work so some isn't comparable but rough roads, paddocks etc it just flys. Onroad it corners unreal for a big vehicle. And for tyres it has 35x12.5R17 Maxxis Razr Mt's.

Anyway just what I've done and the results!