2024 Raptor 801a, do I need to wait for tuner before increasing tire size and lift/level kit?

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May 28, 2023
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Hey all, I just picked up my 2024 Shelter Green F-150 Raptor 801a as a replacement for my 2018 Gen2. I am looking to repeat similar mods I had on the Gen2, and currently scheduled to start out with Eibach Pro Lift Leveling kit (+2.2" Front | +1.5" Rear) and replacing the stock wheels and 35" tires with new Icon wheels and 37" Toyo Open Country M/T tires.

When I did this for my prior Gen2, I was able to get the new tune for the truck at the same time to account for the lift and new tires. However I am unable to find anyone yet that is selling Tuners confirmed for the 2024 Gen3 models. When I check MPT, Livernois, Goosetuned, etc, none of them have tuners for the 2024 Gen3 available yet. Can't even find a speedometer recalibration tool for the 2024 F-150 yet. Anyone aware of when those may become available, or are they and I am just missing seeing them?

Am I better off waiting on these mods until Tuners are available and I can adjust for the higher clearance and large tire diameter? I would certainly like to gain back any lost power/performance, but am more concerned about whether these changes without a tune will significantly impact mileage/speedometer/unnecessary transmission strain.

And do I need to re-gear going up to the 37's? Most of what I've read says no need with the Gen3 F-150 Raptor, but a lot of varying thoughts on the internet. I don't see anywhere on Ford's Spec sheets where they have different gear for the 802A 37package, so assume I do not need to worry about this.

Thank you for any and all thoughts on the above. I've spent a lot of time reading through prior threads to investigate this particular issue, but not much specific to the 2024s 801a since just recently started rolling out.


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Aug 28, 2022
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Sounds like 23+ are oem ecm locked as far as tunes. forscan might still be able to adjust tire diameter.

As far as i know all raptors 35, 37 and R have the same gear ratio so regearing would be a waste of $


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Feb 28, 2024
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23 and 24's can't be tuned yet but you can do any lift kit and adjust tire size and recalibrate ride height in Forscan. I just did Eibach 1" springs in the front and 37s. Updated everything in Forscan. Works flawlessly.