2018 Raptor Security Issue

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Feb 28, 2024
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Glenwood Springs, CO
For about a month now, my Raptor has been having intermittent flashing hazards. When it first started, I was getting no errors. I do own my own scanner. Just random and mostly at night or early morning when it is cold. Then came the horns with the security system off and own, intermittently, in the middle of the night, waking up the whole neighborhood. I did finally receive 2x an error from Ford Pass stating that the "Raptor's security system has detected trailer disconnect and triggered the alarm." I replaced the trailer plug in piece in the back. Then I read online in several forums that it may have to do with the hood latch and/or the battery. I replaced both the hood latch system and bought a new battery. Then I replaced both key fob batteries. After all of this and a couple of nights without it going off, it happened again last night with the same trailer disconnect message through the Ford app. This morning, it came up with a bunch of Body Control Module errors on my scanner.

I do have an appointment - 2 hours away - at the Ford dealer on March 8th. However, I can't keep having this system go off in the middle of the night. Any other helpful hints would be amazing! I am going to try to disconnect the horns today.

I just disconnected the horns, however, the flashers and all the lights still go off at anytime the battery is hooked up. I can still drive it at this time, even though it seems the BCM is shot, I just have to manually turn the flashers off on the inside anytime I do drive it and they will stay off. All the other lights stop flashing when I drive it. Let's pray I make it to the 8th to my appointment and nothing else happens or deteriorates in the process! Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
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Jul 29, 2019
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Do you have a sunroof or has the windshield been replaced? Water leaking from clogged sunroof drain or a bad windshield seal can migrate into the BCM and cause a variety of issues.