leveling kit

  1. B

    Best lift and tire options

    Just got a Gen 3. I have the 35’s. What’s everybody’s thought on a small lift and putting on 37 tires? What’s the best combo in your opinion. I am leaning towards the Eibach 2.2 front and 1.5 rear and bfg ko2 37’s. Stock 37 wheels. I don’t want tires to stick out.
  2. B

    Best upgrades for my new Gen 3 2023 ford raptor

    Wanted to ask you guys and people that have already modified your Gen 3 trucks which mods are the best. I’m looking for a leveling kit. I kinda narrowed it down with nick from Apollo. You guys think the eibach springs are the way to go? If so what configuration? Does it affect ride and did you...
  3. ryanc423

    1.5” Leveling kit with 35” Tires

    Has anyone left the 35” tires on their truck with a 1.5” leveling kit? If so, please post pic.
  4. Pat_raptor

    1.5 readylift

    Has another done the 1.5 ready lift? I’m supposed to go in and do it today but now I’m not sure if I should after reading about it. I do take my gen 2 off roading pretty hard and love the ride but just wanna change the rake. Will the 1.5 change ride or make off roading worse?
  5. T

    GEN 2 Wider Wheels causing chub rub..

    **2019 Raptor** First time Raptor guy.... -Just changed from stock 17X8 wheels to Fuel Enduro's 17X9 with -12 offsets. -Not the end of the world but I get a bit of "chub rub" when I turn the wheel to it's maximum both ways. No contact with the metal bumper but about 4 inches of the bottom...
  6. z2a

    Multiple mods at once- RPG 1.5, Swarfworks hidden winch, COBB Stage 2, Rough Country LEDs

    Hi everyone. I did a bunch of mods at once and wasn't sure where to put this post since it spanned different areas. I started with the Swarfworks hiden winch mount, which necessitated a different intercooler. And while in there why not go full COBB stage 2? The winch made the truck sit about...