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    GEN 2 72,500 mile performance check…

    Yep, I’ve been running E50 for a few years now. A little while back I finally needed tires at so I bought new C-rated K02s and a set of much lighter Motegi TraiLite wheels. The fuel was down around 1/4 tank, so I decided to do another 1/4 mile check to see how the performance may have decreased...
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    What is this thing?

    Yep, it’s an ARB onboard air compressor. Likely used to “air up” after an off-road “air down” situation…
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    4H always engage after truck starts

    Here’s your codes. You need to jack up the front and do a manual check of each side IWE is engaging or not. With water damage and likely wiring problems, your ScanTool/FORScan tests are not reliable.
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    Cracked valve cover driverside

    Yes. Yes I am. However, the fu*king communists fu*ked us over so badly with the world-wide fake pandemic and illegal “lockdowns” that it will be at least 2 more years before there can be any hope of improving. And then only if the communists are replaced with real Patriots, not politicians. The...
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    Misconceptions about fuel and power

    No, ethanol actually cleans the valves if port injection. Before I actually ran my own tests on ethanol blended fuels I mostly believed it was bad, bad, bad. It is bad for any engine where the fuel system is open to atmosphere. It is also “bad” for the environment because the US uses corn...
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    Misconceptions about fuel and power

    In carburetors ethanol is indeed a bad thing. HOWEVER, in fuel injected engines of this century the ethanol is a very good thing for performance, especially forced induction engines. You can run way more timing and cylinder pressure to make way more power than gasoline. Most of the fuel...
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    Metal rattle sound from suspension area

    Ok, the dealer told you they don’t have a clue what’s causing the noise, so they’re going to throw every part they can think of at it so they get paid for swapping out a lot of parts. They get paid practically nothing for diagnostics, so they’re trying to recover the time they spent on it...
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    GEN 2 Coolant Temperature Spike at Speed

    There are no tangible short-term benefits from a lower temp t-stat. However, with a high performance turbocharged engine I “prefer” a lower temp than the oem for the long-term benefits of more margin/less stress for continued “safe” high performance output. There’s a chart floating around on the...
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    GEN 2 Coolant Temperature Spike at Speed

    Well there are, but none better than “Goose”. He can set the fan temps, etc for you if you ask.
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    GEN 2 Coolant Temperature Spike at Speed

    You need a “tune” from a business tuner or buy the hardware/software (Cobb or HP Tuning) and do it yourself. There are a multitude of inputs/outputs for radiator and intercooler cooling fan operation.
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    Axle damage?

    Looks like you indeed rotated the axle tube within the diff housing. If you’re really into such off-road antics I would either fix the existing diff/axle tube alignment and do a full weld around the axle tube/diff joint AND the spring perch plates attached to the axle tubes OR just replace the...
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    What raptor look do u like better? Gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3?

    The Gen 2 is obviously the “best” as it enticed me to buy one. My first truck ever. I love it, and it’s a “keeper”, but I’ll never buy another one. (truck)
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    GEN 2 Coolant Temperature Spike at Speed

    These questions and concern trips to the dealer are the exact reason true-reading temp gauges are practically nonexistent in vehicles since the early 1970s. Mainly because thermostat temps and resulting engine temps were increased to 190+ degF to help reduce exhaust emissions and old-school...