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Mar 6, 2017
Dec 27, 2011
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Gilbert, Arizona
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FRF Addict, from Gilbert, Arizona

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Mar 6, 2017
    1. Rorywg
      Hi Jason, emailed you and Ryan and also whatsapped him about tires and also the IWE eliminators but no repies after several weeks. Can you let me know if yo uguys are still in business? Rory
    2. 2011OxfordSVT

      I got an alignment question, I have replaced all the worn front end parts and had it aligned, (Driver Side: 3.8 Caster, -.6 Camber and .11 Toe) LCA bolts are perfectly centered in the slots. Pass. Side: (4.0 Caster, -.6 Camber, .09 Toe) LCA bolts are all the way into their slots. Is it possible that I have a bent steering knuckle or could it be something else?

    3. Hoverp
      I just bought a frame reinforcing kit from sdhq for 100$ for my 2014 raptor, will this help even though the frame is reinforced for the newer models? Where would the stress migrate to with your kit installed if I took a big bottoming hit?

    4. RaptorFlipper

      Talk to me about changing my gears. Based on a post I saw earlier, I am assuming you sell them. I am soon going to be running bfg at's in 37. You can see what I have done to my raptor so far. I want more low end power and acceleration. No care at all about top end speed. What do you suggest? Pro's? Con's? Cost? Any and all info is very helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
    5. vince7870
      Hey Jason you guys I'm sure for the new method mesh wheels. I'm looking for only (1)17 black wheel if possible. Please lmk if you guys could accomodate that. If not and I need to order a set of four please lmk that too? Thanks, Vince.
    6. SVTscott
      Do you have a good condition rr fender flare for a 2012 screw. (Grey in color). I will need it shipped.
    7. rasco
      She's my co-driver
    8. rasco
      Thanks for everything SDHQ.
      Cant wait to see ya'll at TRR 2013

    9. axel
      Jason, has anyone developed a good tune for the 2.9L whipple w/american racing 1 3/4 long tubes and a no cat y pipe, fixin to begin building up the 12 scab, I have not recieved a response from whipple, and have found little info on this setup
    10. Grunzen
      I just had a quick Q on a order I just placed and is shipping from you. I ordered the SCT X3 w/ custom tunes. How does the custom tunes work with it. Are they emailed later and the device comes with canned or are they custom based upon the common upgrades. My problem is I'd planned on doing the full exhaust as well but I'll be placing that plan on a brief hold and I'll be receiving the tuner and intake on Thursday if Brown stays on schedule and then making a nice 1200 mile trip pulling a 7000lb trailer for half of it.
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