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  • Thanks, sorry I'm way late on a reply. Was just getting back from downrange during that time, and now I'm about to finally pull the trigger on one of these trucks.
    Listen you sicko, if you don't stop sending me the links to all the child **** you apparently enjoy I am going to report you to the Internet Authorities so they can have their way with your **** Bear having ***.
    What's up with the Torsen? I hadn't heard there were any problems. Maybe we can talk about this at the TRR. The Torsen was one of the main things I wanted in the 2014.
    Thanks for the shout out! I won't be out at the TRR, but Serena will be so be sure to stop by and say hey!
    Your username color is determine by your "user group". The only option we can do for you is add you to the "Ladies Group" and make your name PINK. That is what you really want, isn't it?
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