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  • Hi guys, I'm new so I'm not even sure I'm in the right spot to ask this question... but here it goes. I am in the Kansas City area, I don't know anybody in the Raptor community, but I would like to have my Raptor checked out. I'm hoping to connect with someone, who has the contacts to get things done right and economically. Please advise. Thanks Mike
    as long as you buy shit from me, I could care less! it's only a matter of time before the're are a bunch running running around anyways.
    I am going to copy cat that OD green wrap you have.
    Hopefully theres enough miles between us, that I can take credit for the idea around here
    I have three raptors
    1 bone stock 2010
    1 2012 mildly modified screw
    1 extremely built 2012.

    I have built my own cage in the first 2012, and I am to the point on my other project truck to start on a cage. However, I have heard that ya'll have a bolt in cage, and I am interested in the details on this.
    I noticed that you had a Facebook page, but I don't use Facebook. Do ya'll have a website and what else can you tell me about the products you have to offer.
    It'd be so much easier to buy a cage than for me to chop and build another one, as that my shop is in the process of putting two sprints and the Pro truck back together.
    Hey, what's your email address? Like to keep discussing the dual tire carrier, see how your ideas are coming along.
    Hey you're located in Olathe? Im from Olathe but just moved over to Overland park lol
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