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  • Wanting to purchase a Venom 250 3" to Dual 2.5". Let me know what I need to do, thank you.
    TExt me at 714)330-9579 and I’ll get you set up
    Appreciate the reply, My wife went ahead and ordered offline before I could contact you, early birthday present. Thanks again.
    What’s up man, I’m interested in a black widow venom 250. Do you have any 3” center to center in stock?
    Do you do local pick up in OC?
    Been looking at at the Black Widow Race Venom muffler. A few questions, would you recommend going 3" C/C then it looks like some people have used a magnaflow 3-2.5" y pipe to go back to factory duels? Or would you recommend going 3-dual 2.5. I could also have my local shop fab a Y i suppose. I just dont want it to be too loud. Thanks

    --Also plan on keeping factory resonator.
    If you go with a Dual/Single muffler you won’t need to have a muffler shop fab a Y. That muffler takes place of the Y
    I have 2014 Super Crew with Corsa Extreme I want to replace. Looking at the Black Widow mufflers. I dont like the raspy sound of the Corsa and the cold start ups are too loud in my neighborhood. Looking for something with clean deep sound with no drone. Was debating between MBRP, Dirty Deeds and BW. Any suggestions?
    FYI that was my conversation with John. Man this is going to be a pain in the ass answering all these questions. I saw your chat box comment this morning and I was like uh I hope this isn't going to get out of hand. Thanks again man I'm sure it's hard not to pop in blast em after your experience.
    Me: I will tell you though Tim has ****** over a good handful of members there

    John @ Glassworks: The post looks great!

    Me: we gotta make sure this goes smoothly and everything is delivered on

    John @ Glassworks: It will be delivered

    You have my word

    Me: the chatterbox on the forum I was defending you guys this morning
    so my word is on the line too
    Yeah they seem to have gotten their shit together, but we'll soon find out haha. The product is quality. Boatec and Glassworks had their moment both here within the last couple years. Enjoy your weekend big dog.
    Just saw your message about the chase rack. Thanks for the offer! I might take you up on that one of these days.
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