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    Dec 19, 2017
    I've searched for a while now throughout this forum and I haven't see any comments/pictures about the lighting output of those 50 inch bars on top of the chase racks. I see them everywhere online like the ADD and Venoms and I'm curious if anyone of you guys have bought them and if they are good at all. My concern is that they light up the sky more than the road. If you have any pictures of their output at night that would be awesome too. Thanks guys.
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    Dec 16, 2016
    Plenty of light vendors here on the forum are more than willing to help you out but...

    generally, you have diffused lightning that works well close in; you get much more peripheral light, not as much of a ‘spot’. Combo lighting which is a mix of spot or distance lighting and wide angle light and there are dedicated spots which throw a narrow beam great distance. The latter are less useful if you’re not blasting through the desert at night.

    Position of the lights is not something to ignore. There are a lot of ‘fog light pocket kits’ that work great on pavement, but they’re not very high off the ground and easily blocked by lower obstacles, tall grass, corn stalks, etc.

    Grille and a-pillar light mounts help get stuff over the top of the headlight level for seeing over low height obstacles.

    roof and chase rack lights project from higher up and clear most of your offroad obstacles.

    All of them have their use cases, only you can honestly answer which lights are the best for you.

    For distance, everyone here seems to be in -sometimes reluctant- agreement that the baja designs lights are the distance kings. if you need to see a long freakin’ way down the road or ahead of you, B/D will square you away.

    They cost a lot, buy once, cry many times because they don’t have easy financing terms. :)

    Yeah, if you aim the lights poorly, they will light up the sky. So, if you’re going to spend that kind of money, take the time to aim them so they work for you.

    Be careful though... LED lights are like potato chips. You can’t have just one set. It starts with like a pair of LED bars, then it’s a pair of bars plus some pod lights then it’s “oh, F*ck yeah just give me the whole freakin’ set”

    and the next thing you know, local weathermen are calling you up on rainy days asking if you could fire up your truck lights to mimic the Sun.
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    Jul 18, 2017
    I've got dual 50" OnX6 bars from Baja Designs on my truck. They are BRIGHT. I also have the ADD Honeybadger Roof Rack on my truck so the bars sit back. no glare at all on my hood, because the bars don't hit the hood. They throw light down range and do a very nice job of it.

    You don't want to run these on the road or during rain, they will blind you and other drivers. They are mainly used for racing and seeing off-road way down range.

    Here are a series of photos from my surveillance cameras at the shop.

    We sell all of the Baja Designs products on our site at

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