Go to ford dealer?

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Nov 25, 2021
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Dinuba CA
Hey guys, my 2020 raptor needs an oil change and the place where I used to take it closed up. I have a cobb stage 2 and CAI on it with some suspension mods. I still have a few years left on my extended warranty and was wondering if I should take the cobb off and or CAI before going in? (Can't do the intake) I've searched this topic for the last hour and most say to leave it as they shouldn't check anything but the oil. If I do take it off it will throw the shutter code because of the front bumper I have installed. So my thought was if I take it off I will have to explain the shutter code to them and they might look deeper? I guess I could go somewhere else but it's actually cheaper and they warranty the oil change at the ford dealership. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

Also I thought when I put in the cobb a few years ago the concensus was the dealership couldn't detect it if it was removed but most of the posts I read said they can? Still would do it over again as it's a blast but maybe just a heads up if anyone is thinking about adding one. Also I know CA law (which is where I'm at) says they have to prove the mod caused the problem but I would like to stay as much under the radar as possible.